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Poetry Alive!® Resources

Poetry Alive! is pleased to announce that we were the proud recipient of the award for "Distinguished Support of Literacy" during the Poetry Olio at the International Reading Association (IRA) conference in San Antonio!


Resources For Educators

Student Poetry Cafe


Books & Products
Enrich our Shows & Visits to Your Schools, Add to Your Classrooms & Libraries, and Make the Poetry Experience for Students Come Aiive!

Employment Opportunities

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Poetry Alive!® Services

Assembly Shows and Workshops!

Enhance your curriculum with Poetry Alive! performances and workshops! Our high-energy performances and interactive workshops provide students with a more in-depth exploration of literary analysis, and writing and speaking skills. Let us help your school integrate the new curriculum standards in an entertaining and inspiring way. Programming available for Kindergarten through University-level students.

Inservice For Educators

Using the same energy and ingenuity we put into our performances, Poetry Alive!’s In-Service programs are designed for language arts educators.

Poetry Institute

Provides 30 Hours CE!
Produced in the School District as an In-Service Program.

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About Poetry Alive!®

Poetry Alive!® is the Reading, Writing and Performing Connection!®

Poetry Alive!® empowers educators to prepare 21st Century learners with critical thinking activities, in-depth analysis, and communication skills. It partners with educators to prepare students to thrive in the interconnected and diverse world community.



It’s that time of year again. A delicious chill fills the air, jewel-tone colors start to peek through the branches, and there is the excitement of new possibilities. It is fall once again and that can only mean one thing: “Back to School.”
Poetry Alive!® wants to welcome you back in style. Let us give you an energetic and inspirational start to your school year. Book Poetry Alive!® for the  fall and receive some fabulous, unpublished discounts. Get your students excited about literacy and making connections across the curriculum. The dates are filling up fast, so book now. You will be glad you did. 
Just contact us and ask for our “Back to School” fall dates and we will handle the rest. This kind of deal makes you want fall to come more than once a year.

Phone us @ 1.800.476.8172 or drop us a line at


Our 35 Year Legacy

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