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Poetry Alive! conducts open auditions for professional actors. Actors travel in pairs throughout the US presenting four different poetry shows for school audiences (grades K-12, some College, some Adult). We also conduct student and teacher workshops which focus on using performance to study poetry. Rehearsals begin in late September or early October, depending on the booking schedule. Rehearsals are usually in Asheville or Minneapolis. The tour generally runs from Labor Day to Memorial Day with time off at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Requirements: a valid driver's license and good driving record; a college degree (any major). Professional theater experience is preferred with good improvisational skills; quick memorization skill; ability to work with kids; ability to collaborate. Reliability is a must. Travel includes weekends. Experience in education is helpful but not required.

*Due to our reliance on rental cars, all actors must be at least 25 years of age.*

Starting Salary is $350.00 per week plus bonus. Returning actor Salaries range from $375.00-425.00 per week plus bonuses. All travel expenses (except food and laundry) are provided, including weekends. Other opportunities to earn extra pay also available.

Must travel to Asheville, NC for audition unless otherwise arranged. Poetry Alive! also attends the Unified Professional Theater Auditions in Memphis, TN each year.

Please call: Carney Gray at (800) 476-8172 click to send email  

What you'll do...
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