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Greatest Hits Act I - Cassette Tape
Poetry Performances by Poetry Alive!

Winner of 2003 Teacher's Choice Award from Learning Magazine!

· The Walrus and the Carpenter & Jabberwocky, Carroll;
· A Word is Dead, I'm Nobody
& A Bird Came Down the Walk, Dickinson;
· Little Brown Baby, Dawn & In The Mornin', Dunbar;
· Knoxville, Tennessee, Giovanni;
· Rhinoceros, Hentz;
· The Glove and the Lions, Hunt;
· The Grasshopper and Cricket, Keats;
· Paul Revere's Ride, Longfellow;
· Eldorado & Annabel Lee, Poe;
· Little Orphant Annie, Riley;
· The Blindmen and the Elephant, Saxe;
· The Cremation of Sam McGee, Service;
· I Hear America Singing, Whitman.

Greatest Hits Act II - Cassette Tape
Poetry Performances by Poetry Alive!

· The Bean Eaters & We Real Cool, Brooks;
· How Do I Love Thee?, Browning;
· A Red, Red Rose & John Anderson, My Jo, Burns;
· Success Is Counted Sweetest
& A Narrow Fellow in the Grass, Dickinson;
· Sympathy, Dunbar;
· The Highwayman, Noyes;
· Richard Cory, Robinson;
· Lochinvar, Scott;
· The Seven Ages of Man & Sonnet 16, Shakespeare;
· The Charge of the Light Brigade & Ring Out, Wild Bells, Tennyson;
· Casey at the Bat, Thayer;
· Miracles & O Captain! My Captain!, Whitman;
· Apology to a Painter, Wolf;
· I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, Wordsworth;
· Lord Randal & Go Down Moses, authors unknown.


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