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Poet's Corner - Gale Group
Gale has assembled a collection of activities and information to complement classroom topics. Within this site, teachers and students can: Read biographies of well-received poets; Take a quiz based on these poets and their works; Follow a timeline of events that traces the poetry movement; Partake in activities taken from Gale's Exploring Poetry CD-ROM; Discover the poems and the concepts behind them.

Learn how to inspire a love of poetry in your students and teach kids how to write different types of poems. Fun poetry activities for your students, including poetry race, rhyme time riddles, and more.

Outta Ray's Head - The Poetry Page
A collection of lesson plans with handouts by Ray Saitz and many contributors; all of the lessons have been used and refined in the classroom.

Thom Prentice Favorite Bookmarks for Teachers

More lesson plans..

Just for Fun!

Teacher Poems
Teachers, here is a collection of poems to relieve stress from the day to day experiences of teaching elementary school. Poem Submissions from teachers are also accepted.

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Look at some additional online links or check out the Student Resources page and the Poet-Finder link.