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Welcome to the student poems of the month archives! To find the current poems, please visit this page. We have up to five "Poems of the Month," one each for the K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grades plus sometimes one for those who are college level or graduates. Did you miss out on some of last year's poems? You can visit the archives to catch what you missed.

Get your poems for next month in now! Only original poems received in the month previous will be eligible for Poem of the Month for the current month. We are getting so many wonderful submissions it is hard to choose! If you submitted last month and weren't selected you are welcome to try again this month. You can send poems to us by clicking here.

April 2010


The Dawn,
Here with only the
Faintest lights of morning.
The Dusk,
Only to trade places,
with it's cousins the stars.
Both to be back soon.

©2010 Doria

Stephen Decatur Middle School
Berlin, MD
Grade Level: 7th


Everyday, it's the same thing,
Wake up, get ready, leave, come back.
I want something different to come about.
I want the world to turn upside down!!

Day in, day out,
The same things come about.
It's time for change,
It's time to live!
It's time to let the world know what?s coming about.

I'm tired of this,
I'm tired of this same daily routine,
Boring me 'till my death.
It's time to let the world know,
It's time for change!

So if you agree,
Join hands with me.
We will change the world.
We will make it happen!!

©2010 Ashley

Duval Middle School
Griffithsville, WV
Grade Level: 6th


If I were in charge of the world,
I'd cancel brussel sprouts,
brushing my hair when it has tangles,
snow on soccer days,
and also indoor recess.

If I were in charge of the world,
there'd be gum drop houses,
more flowers and less weeds,
cherry rivers,
and blueberry mountains.

If I were in charge of the world,
you wouldn't have to make your bed,
ride the bus everyday,
clean up your room,
or make the coral look really far below.

©2010 Elsie

Journeys School of Teton Science Schools
City: Jackson, WY
Grade Level: K


I sit in her lap, enveloped by her gingerbread scent.
She smiles and laughs in her cheery voice, she
brightens up my day.
Almost all of my childhood, it's always been that way.
She's never bent a broken spirit, never harmed a fly.
Her open and warm love is as big as the neverending
She's as beautiful as a royal dame.
Her inner beauty puts even the purest angel to shame.
Now she's gone and out of my reach, never to return.

It's hard to think of her and all of our memories
without having my eyes burn.
The moment she closed her eyes my childhood was gone.
Now, my life is like a sad, miserable song.

I don't laugh anymore.
I don't run or play.
I don't have anything to smile about because the Lord
took my mother away.

©2010 Hayley

Liberty High School
Liberty, SC
Grade Level: 10th


Summer oh Summer
The hot sun and the flowers
Makes me drift away

©2010 Gabrielle

Manor Oaks School
New Hyde Park, NY
Grade Level: 4th

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May 2010


As I was sitting outside
Watching the sun go down
I realize my life was passing by
So I started thinking:

If I don't get my act together
There is no other reason
Why should I be here on Earth
Just wasting time.

I have things I need to be doing
With my life, I have goals to reach
I need to make something of myself
I just can't be sitting here.

Wasting the time that I have on Earth
So I decided, that I was going to get
Off my butt and do something about it
Because I really can't
waste any more time.

©2010 Melishia

Northeast High School
St.Petersburg, FL
Grade Level: 9th


The game had begun,
in the count of 3.
Rush of excitement,
flowing through my body.
I ran until I couldn't,
a hand pushed me aside.
I fell,
deep into the grass.
A tear rolled down my face,
shimmering as it fell.

©2010 Kevin

New York City, NY
Grade Level: 5th


we dance a dance
that never ends -
hoping that the song will never end
but when it does
we keep on dancing-
we dance a dance with no words or movement-
but when we dance
we let our souls go free

©2010 Tyler

Traughber Middle
Oswego, IL
Grade Level: 8th


These old hands
were once those of a young boy
whose Papa took him for popsicles right after school.
These old hands
these wrinkled old hands,
chose orange every time.

These old hands
held the woman they'd loved
and took hers as a cheerful wife.
These old hands,
these very old hands,
slow danced on the big night.

These old hands
are fading quickly
with but my only son to say 'Good-bye' to.
These old lips,
are fed their last popsicle
and mutter their last prayers.

These old hands are lying motionless.

©2010 Sarah

Edgewood Middle School
Somerville, OH
Grade Level: 7th

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June 2010


A creative way of passing time
writing a poem line by line
the words keep on flowing
and the pen keeps on going
at this time i am having fun
but i don't realize the paper has won
its power is taking control
capturing my mind as a whole
before I realize I cannot be stopped
the link between think and do is chopped
now the words just keep flowing
and the pen keeps on going
without any hope, i am stuck
the power of the paper has run amuck
now its control seems immortal
but its ideas are absolutely horrible
by creating himself it made its demise
without a mind it has no prize
without a mind it has no thought
what happens to a hand with writers block?

©2010 Patrick

Midlothian Middle School
Midlothian, VA
Grade Level: 7th


Look at that Hamburger
High in the Sky,
I do not know
How it can fly.

Pickles are falling
Mustard is too
Look at that ketchup
Falling on YOU!

©2010 Logan

Fairview Elementary
Fairview, NC
Grade Level: 2nd

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July 2010


Where do all the socks go?
Is there a sock drawer in the sky?
Do they all just float away
like woolen butterflies?
Or do they all just walk away?
If they get lost, do they cry?
Where do all the socks go?
Is there a sock drawer in the sky?

©2010 Hannah

Pleasant Hill Middle
Lexington, SC
Grade Level: 8th

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