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August 2004

I Wonder

Do poodles like noodles?

Do pigs wear wigs?

Do cats ride bats?

Do frogs chase dogs?

Do snails eat whales?

Do sheep say beep?

I wonder....

© 2004 Natalie
2nd Grade
Double Eagle Elementary - Albuquerque, NM



That's what we all ask


It's your future and your past


It's the question not the answer


It makes the world go round

Speak up, ask Why?

Don't just sit down and not make a sound.

© 2004 Jillian
4th grade
E. Ethel Little School - North Reading, MA

Grandma Kay

Grandma Kay was cremated today,
I hear my mother say
I don't say a word,
I just look away
I hardly even knew her
why do I miss her so?
Did I have perfect image of her,
which I had never known?
Or was it that her kindness
had really touched my heart,
her willingness to see us,
even as her health fell apart
I don't know what it is
I really don't know
But it must be something
Because I'm afraid to let her go

© 2004 Laura
7th grade

Blowin' in on the wind
Comes the fierce storm
Did you see the same clouds
Wherever you are?

I can hear your words
In every breath of wind
They echo through my head
As the wind whispers through the trees.

I can feel you wrap around me
Although you're far away
I can feel your gentle kiss
You sent on the wind
And I know I'm on your mind.

So let the wind blow
Hard and fast
Or soft and slow
Because only we know
That when the right wind blows
We'll be together again.

© 2004 Sarah
12th grade
Woodrow Wilson High School - Beckley, WV

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September 2004

alorgy season

Its alorgy season. its alorgy season.
polin maks alorgys nekter maks alorgys.
polin maks alorgys nekter maks alorgys.
spring is finily here!
yay its sring yay its spring!
spring is finily here!

© 2004 Zachary
1st grade
Runkle Elementary - Brookline, MA


There was a girl — a bully,
She did not use combat, fights or fists
Instead she made her words quite hiss
"You're ugly and pudgy,
Your cool clothes number none,
You are a size seven, I am but size one."
And just as soon as this little girl cried
The bully girl went away to search for her next prey
and wondered who have I tried?
I've tried Susan and Lizzy,
for good sake poor Izzy.
As she just realized
She had just one more girl
(This took her quite by surprise)
She said with a grin
"Just one more to win,
and the playground will finally be mine."
The last girl's name was Tiffie
She talked so much slack that
it rolled down her back.
The bully who will remain
unamed, started her speech again.
"You're ugly and pudgy,
your cool clothes equal none
You are a size seven,
But I am a size one"
Then to her surprise
She heard a reply.
"You're cruel and mean,
like a manmade machine
and any who inspect,
will refrain from respect
and your fashion points
equal but none."
With her face shocked
Tiffie just mocked,
as she said her reply.
And suddenly she knew
All the lies she blew,
And she had a heartache
full of sorrow
She said,"Wait until tomorrow
I'll be the nicest girl
you ever knew."

© 2004 Abigail
5th Grade
Agawam Middle School - Agawam, MA


Tickle me pink
and kiss me not
I am not to be trifled with
or have you forgot?

I am a girl of wonder
and a girl of fright
who tries to succeed
with all her might.

I try to live
and I try to love
but's all so hard
to rise above

I say too much
and never enough
to keep you happy
is very tough

I feel nothing
when i should feel more
you do not deserve
this raging war

I am lost
and I am not found
and by your love
I keep myself sound

I am safe
but only by you
keep me well
is that's all you can do

© 2004 Sami
9th grade
Eustis High School - Umatilla, FL

California Sunset

If I could stretch my
Hand across the night
I'd bring myself into your arms.
We could pretend there would
Be no morning light.
I could come to your
California sunset
And I could breathe again
Because I could be with you.
I could get
The rest of my heart back
I could wear the white dress
You said you liked so much
I could confess
To you what's in my heart.
I want to share
Just one
California sunset
With you.

© 2004 Sara
11th grade
Carthage Senior High - Carthage, MA

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October 2004

All About Trevor

My name is Trevor , I'm a little boy

I'm six years old and I play with toys

I ride my bike and play with friends

But most of all I hate when it ends

Sometimes I sit around wishing

That I was with my PawPaw fishing

Summer is over , I'm back in school

Time to learn and be real cool

Oooops!!! Time for recess

Bye Bye

© 2004 Trevor
1st Grade
Chesnee Elementary School - Chesnee, SC

I Know Everything!

I know everything!
I know everything in the world!
I know Albert Einstein did NOT invent the light bulb.
Thomas Edison did.

I know everything!
I know everything in the world!
I skipped three grades because of my smarts.
I got straight A's.

I know everything!
I know everything in the world!
Well, one thing I don't know is how much you love me.
Can I have a hug?

© 2004 Erin
3rd grade
Thayer Elementary School - Fort Leonard Wood, MO

I Am From

I am from pizza with warm melted cheese.
Meatball so plump they could roll down the street.
Homemade chocolate chip cookies that melt in your mouth.
The kind of fried chicken that you’d find down south.
I am from stencils that crawl up the wall.
Leftover clay turkeys from Thanksgiving last fall.
A big downy couch in the warm living room.
Little white dog hairs I missed with the broom.
I am from “She did it!”
“Those are my shoes you brat!”
“She got gum in my hair mom!”
I am from a place where it is safe to not lock doors.
Leftover chalk markings from street hockey scores.
Occasional races down the big hill.
The neighbor's pool where we all like to chill.
I am from a family of joking.
Good cooking.
Writing for fun.
Ideas so bright they shine like the sun.
I am from taking pictures at random.
Blue ribbons all over my bedroom.
Stuffed animals so old they are falling apart.
Poems I have written that come from the heart.

© 2004 Jaimee
7th grade
Pembroke Community Middle School - Pembroke, MA

Love in Math

Love + Hate = 0

Is arithmetic

Love = -Hate

Is algebra

Love is perpendicular to Hate

Is geometry

Cotangent of an angle Love is Affection over Hate

Is trigonometry

For all points (Love, Hate)

Plot Hate squared = Love squared + 16,

Tell me, what do you see?

© 2004 Soulshifter (AKA Fabian)
12th grade
PK Yonge - Gainsville, FL

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November 2004


I love summer. It's fun all day.
I wish it could stay,
every day. But that would never happen,
in a millon years.
But only if you have very long ears!

But only if summer could stay for awhile,
it could stay and play one more day, or maybe a year or two.
If summer would stay and play all day,
i'd make it the law for summer to stay.
but that won't ever happen.

© 2004 Morgan
1st grade
Fyle Elementary - Henrietta, NY


If I were president of the USA,
You wouldn't have to wake up every day.
You wouldn't go to sleep at night,
But if you did there'd be no fright.

If I were president of the USA,
You'd wake up in a peaceful way.
Not by stuff like wars and fights,
That keep you up every night.

If I were president of the USA,
Everyone would get their way,
There'd be no parents to tell you what to do,
So you could wear one red, and one black shoe.

If I were president of the USA,
Everybody would always say,
"Hey have you seen the Red Sox play?"
If I were president of the USA.

If I were president of the USA,
The Sox would win every day.
The Yankees would not either way,
If I were president of the USA.

© 2004 Julia
4th Grade
Summer Street School - Lynnfield, MA

Outside the Box

anything can be much
more than it seems
in order to see a
beautiful thing
you must look
outside the box
for there it holds the answers
in a truly free place
where there is not a price on
thinking or speaking your mind
for everything's wild and everything's free
and people aren't made fun of
for what they want to be
so in order to be truly free
think outside the box!!

© 2004 Brenna
8th grade
The Day School at Coral Springs - Coral Springs, FL

The Different Hero

There are many heroes in this world today,
That help the world with everything they do and say,
But there is one hero that stands out far above the rest,
And this hero is perhaps to many the single very best,

This special hero cannot be written, spoke, or done,
What's more this hero doesn’t come free but has to be earned or won,
And it’s not a person, place or thing,
But it can control you and make your heart sing,

To find this hero you have to look deep down inside your heart,
Once you find it, it’s hard to keep it and hard to part,
Everybody has it in one shape or form,
And when you disobey it, it becomes a ferocious storm,

This hero is what holds the world together,
And it will always be around forever,
It is like a long twisting path,
You’ll always have to feel and cope with it’s wrath,

It is very deadly and sometimes it might kill,
But that all depends on how you control your will,
It can’t be thrown away or sold,
If it is your heart will start to get cold,

And in the end you shall have a bill to pay,
If you were loyal, things shall go your way,
Remember it always comes from Above,
The hero is love.

© 2004 Brian
9th grade
Cinco Ranch High School - Katy, TX

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December 2004

Food Fight

I see pizza in the sky,
And raisins in the air,
I see pudding on the floor,
And there is ice cream in my hair.

Somebody threw spinach over the crowd,
And it lands on Bob,
One time there was an explosion
Of corn on a cob.

I threw a pizza in the sky,
But Mom saw it passing by.
That made Mom quite mad!
Splat! The pizza lands on Dad!

That's why it is not right
To have a food fight.

© 2004 Alex
3rd Grade
Elizabeth Lane Elementary - Matthews, NC

The Race is On

Up on the block
Staring down.
You look foward
The crowd is cheering.
Confidence is surging through me,
The starter calls for the swimmers to take their mark,
We dive in but dont get far,
There was a false start.
Im nervous now
must keep focus
must picture the race
must keep confidence.
I look at my opponents and nod my head,
I look down and curl my toes over the edge,
I lean slightly foward and wait for it,
wait for it,
The gun sounds and the race is on.

© 2004 Alex
8th grade
The Day School at Coral Springs - Coral Springs, FL


Words can't explain the thanks to you
for all you do.
All night and day you fight
to defend our rights
walking in death fields
seeing all the lives you use to know
lie limp
you fight for us bravely and unselfishly
as you watch your fellow brothers
fall helplessly
Thank you for being the brave soldiers
you have been.

© 2004 Jessica
11th grade
Huntington North High School - Huntington, IN

The Wanderer

Sweet, gentle breeze, like a nightingale,
Whispering in the vortex of winter...
My heart, a lost flautist
Meanders from a snowed field to a far away frozen shore,
Listening to the crescendo of its own flute.

Each foot-step murmurs lyrics to the shy moon,
Rocking the cyan stars to their dreams,
Each foot print stains the dormant sky with crimson tears
And imprints auburn mud on the facade of darkness.

My cold night, mottled with sadness and joy,
I, a wanderer, from hour to hour,
Holding yesterday's memories in my tiny universe
Until dawn blossoms like a turquoise tulip.

© 2004 Tri
Orange Coast College - Costa Mesa, CA

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January 2005

Dog School

What dog would go to school?
Would he sit around and drool?
Or maybe the homework he eats
Always talks about doggie treats!

What puppy friends does he have in mind
That he'd never leave behind?
On recess what do they do?
Is every day something new?

On lunch, will they always eat
A big doggie treat?
Or was it like a bone
They had just borrowed at home?

What sort of transportation
Will get them back to their location?
Will it still be a bus?
Will they drive home with us?

Well, if you asked your dog about school,
He might not even say it is cool.
But he MIGHT say it is
None of your "bizz."

© 2005 Alex
3rd grade
Elizabeth Lane Elementary - Matthews, NC

Street Lights

The street lights
look so wonderful
in the dark night.
They look like
tall people without
hands. They do have
one long leg.
The street lights stay
in one place.
They don't eat
but they do drink
the rain water.
In the daytime
the street lights
aren't happy
because the streets are so
busy. In the
night, when
the streets
don't have
so much traffic,
their smiling
faces turn on.

© 2005 Britany
4th Grade
Immanuel-St. James Lutheran School - Grand Rapids, MI

Classroom Blues





© 2005 Ruby
7th Grade
Hephzibah Middle School - Augusta, GA


I am lost with anger
He has led me to a dead end
He has made me feel like a stranger
Will he end or will he just bend
He is powerful and mean
He tries to blacken your soul
If you are not careful
Anger will use you
To damage another soul

© 2005 Johnathan
10th grade
Tishomingo High School - Tishomingo, OK

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February 2005


The stars are gold.
The night is dark.
The sun is asleep.
The moon is shiny in the dark dark night.

© 2005 Zoe
1st Grade
Kent Gardens Elementary - McLean, VA

This Is Your Love

This is your love,
it's as sweet as a dove.
Some people think love is stinky like a glove-PU!
Your love is as sweet as a flower,
it sprinkles over me like a shower.
When you're around, everything turns into hearts,
without you, my day could not start.
Your love is so sweet, so I bring you flowers everyday,
every time you visit, longer I wish you would stay.
This is your love, so please don't go away!

© 2005 Rebecca
3rd grade
Kent Gardens Elementary - McLean, VA

Tsunami Poem

Mommy! A tsunami! You heard your young child say.
But when you reached to take his hand, your son was washed away.

Mommy! A tsunami! You heard his sister scream.
You tried to run, but couldn't move. You woke. It was a dream.

For us, a figment of our minds while blanketed in bed.
But for those who were swept to sea, this nightmare left them dead.
Did panic fill their final thoughts? I pray they sensed God near.
I hope their death was swift so that they had no time to fear.
So why should we be spared such grief? Do we deserve to live?
But since we dream what others saw, can we do less than give?
For mommies robbed of babies, for husbands who lost wives.
For kids without their moms and dads, for all who have survived.
Let's give help to the homeless, let's fund the food they need.
Let's pray for people we don't know who claim a different creed.
Regardless of religion, let's act on what we see, for God is pleased when we reach out.
We are one family.

© 2005 Jennifer
7th grade
Fairborn Barker Jr. High - Fairborn, OH

A Soldier's Fear to Fight

He sits on the front line
Waiting for something to catch his eye
He holds his gun tight
As he starts to feel fright
He looks up at the sky
Watching aircrafts as they fly
He wants to run and scream
But he knows he will be seen
He closes his eyes
With his gun by his thigh
He slowly drops to his knees
Under fifty-foot of trees
He begins to cry
Softly asking god why
He asks for a sign
Suddenly receiving it in his mind
He sees stars formed into a dove
Circling the world looking down from above
He realizes he is fighting so we all can be free
The young man says this is where I need to be
He pushes away his fear
With one last tear

© 2005 Johnathan
10th Grade
Tishomingo High School - Tishomingo, OK

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March 2005


If you see a 24 feet monster,
Climb a building 24 feet tall. But!
If you don't see a 24 foot tall building
you'll just have to look some more!

© 2005 Meredith
St. Mark Catholic School - Wilmington, NC


The wind was rustling in the tree,
It danced on ripples in the sea.
It curved around the riverbend,
Tired, it came to an end.

The next day it raced with the rain.
It whizzed around with glee.
It turned into a hurricane,
And left behind the sea.

Even the motion of the wind
Is really full of life.
Sometimes it's thinner than a wire,
Sometimes sharper than a knife.

© 2005 Alex
3rd Grade
Elizabeth Lane Elementary - Matthews, NC


The girl in my mirror
She looks like me
Long blonde hair and crystal eyes
The girl in my mirror
She talks to me
I hear my voice
I listen to her by my own choice
The girl in my mirror
We have a war, her and I
Every morning and every night
We have a fight
The girl in my mirror
She looks depressed
She’s always stressed
The girl in my mirror
She can’t look at anyone in the face
She hides the things she can’t erase
The girl in my mirror
She wears a mask
To keep herself hidden
That is her task
The girl in my mirror
Bottles feelings inside
She can’t risk dumping all that she hides
The girl in my mirror
She has quite a life
No one will know because
I’m the girl in my mirror


© 2005 Michelle
8th Grade
Middle School - G.C., IA


To turn away in a time of need
To lose yourself in sight of greed
To give up on those who need you now
To give up on it before the last bow
To hurt the people all around you
To make them start from anew
To take the joy that they still had
To make the good all seem bad
To put those words into their mind
To make real life so hard to find
To hurt the ones who love you true
To hate those who didn't have a clue
Will end with a truthful plea
To simply accept me for me

© 2005 Whitney
10th grade
Ankeny High School - Ankeny, IA

Love (what it is to me)

Love is when you really care about someone.
Love is when your time for 'sweet-hearting' others is done.
Love is when no one else in the world could ever take your place,
Love is when all the memories of things you do can't be erased.

Love is when you're crying after you and your mate had a fight.
Love is when you really don't want your mate in sight.
Love is when you can't see your mate, so they're a big miss.
Love is when you really need some affection and a lil kiss.

Love is when you whisper something sweet in your mate's ear,
Especially those three words they like to hear.
Love is when you will do anything for your mate,
Love is when others really start to 'player-hate'.

Love is when you can't get that person off your mind,
Because that's the person you've always dreamt you'd find.
Love is when you're both happy together.
Love is when nothing in this world but you really matter.

Love is like a burning flame that will last eternally.
Love is when you're feelings is locked-up and that person have the key.
Love is when you seem to be diving in a sky blue ocean.
If you think deep about it, you can really feel the motion.

© 2005 Lanita
TCI Community College - South Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands

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April 2005


The people of the other world
It's very hard to say
That they really never do anything
Except for eat, sleep, and play.
And also some are very rich
and it's very clear to see
I'm glad that one of the rich people is not me.

© 2005 Nicole
1st Grade
Greenland Central School - Greenland, NH


Don't ask me what I'm doing,
For I hardly know myself.
It's the very moon I'm going,
I swing on my swing set,
Every night you see,
Except on nights that it is very dewy.
But it's dry tonight,
My goal is to swing so high,
That my feet touch the black night.
Even though I might not survive,
My swing set might even break,
My glorious day that I touched the moon will arrive.
Here I go I'm out of here,
My [eyes] closed my feet tight together,
Even though it's hard to steer.
My feet contact the moon with a gentle touch,
I've made a landing spot, just right there,
Now I've made history,
But I just look around and stare.
I'm all alone on the moon,
Without a friend in sight,
And oh how I wish,
swing back, this very night.

© 2005 Adam
5th Grade
Greenland Central School - Greenland, NH


My sister was just four years old,
And loved her lifesaver treats.
We went to watch TV one day,
And eat some yummy eats.

She popped a red one in her mouth,
And then proceeded to suck.
But when she tried to swallow it,
That lifesaver got stuck.

When I saw her choke and cough,
I knew it was my duty.
To heimlich her and make pop out,
The candy that was fruity.

Out of her throat and onto the ground,
The sweet lifesaver fell.
And as it rolled all over the floor,
She began to yell:

"You saved me! You saved me!"
She proclaimed quite loud.
"You're a hero! You're a hero!"
And that made me proud.

To her I am a lifesaver.
To her I am a hero.
I saved her from a lifesaver,
To her I am no zero.

© 2005 Chris
8th grade
McConnell Middle School - Grayson, GA


A bitter taste
As vague as figures in the fog
As nasty as licking a hog
Without its friend
Whose name is cream
Coffee stays black
Just like when you close your eyes
Before you dream

2005 Allen
11th Grade
Cross High School - Cross, SC

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May 2005

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June 2005

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July 2005

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