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August 2005

The Manila Envelope

There was a manila envelope
that was bigger than Goliath
and it had no legs
It fell down 20 times in its life

It had another smaller manila envelope inside it
it was naughty
and it was bigger than the world's largest M&M

It had eyes, no mouth, no nose
but it had whiskers like a dog
it had arms and it itched itself all the time
it had fleas on it because it was hairy like a dog

This manila envelope had a problem
It wanted to be in a mailbox
but it had no mail
no one would use it because of the way it looked

© 2005 Nathan
2nd Grade
Southwest Elementary School - High Point, NC


kittens are cute
almost to cute to scoot
i have got one
i play with it, and it's fun
i named it cinnomin
not from the color, but from with in
its my buddy, my pal, my friend
and that I hope will never end
so now you know that cats are great
and I will never loose my fate

© 2005 Stephanie
4th Grade
Mission Elementary - San Luis Obispo, CA

I Am Rich!

I am Rich,
But not in money.
I am rich in love.
Love is like a ever flowing river.
It keeps going on and on and on.
And like a river no matter
what you do to it,
It will keep drifting.
Love can not be stopped,
Because love is forever.
And it is everywhere.
It is you,
It is in me.
It's in all of us.
No matter who you are.
And that is why,
We need to stop.
Stop the wars,
Stop the fighting.
Can't you see what we're doing?
We're abusing that love inside us.
We are trying to destroy the most precious
gift we could ever have.
So,we need to stop it.
We need to stop the hate from
Each other.
We need to love.
Like God does.
We are his children and
We need to work together to get
Through life.
So, you ask,
What is love?
Is it a hug or a kiss?
Well, yes and no.
It is the ever powerful emotion
That keeps us hoping and
In peace.
That is what love is.
And that is why,
I am rich!

© 2005 Kelsey
8th Grade
Inman Middle School - Inman, SC


My sad lonely lips
Cannot but sorely miss
The soft tender touch
Of your sweetest kiss

And my ears are quite dead
Without your voice to hear
Those sweet soothing undertones
That tell me you are near

My eyes are shamefully robbed
Of your precious sight
That I long to see
And dream of every night

My skin wants your touch
So gently felt by me
That makes me love you even more
And want to shout for glee

Even my nose is assailed
By the smells that are not known
Not the sweet tingly scent
I know as your own

So all my senses deeply feel
The loss of seeing my dear
The loss of all the sights and sounds
Of you being delightfully near

© 2005 Samantha
10th Grade
Eustis High School - Eustis, FL


Further on, You must Love Yourself. Don’t stop at Hello.
Go further than You Know. You are Your Truth. You are Your Best Friend.
Start with Appreciation of How Far You have Come.
Without this Knowledge,
You would not be the person You Are.
You are Unique. You are of the Light. You Are Love.
Don’t Judge Yourself In the Process of Furthering
Your Knowledge of Inner Intuition.
Reach deeply within to Find your Answers.
Luck is Non-existent.
Love Is your Key to Success.
Open Your Wings to Soar Freely Into
The Supposedly Unknown, for there is
No such thing as Fear.
Only Love truly Persists in Everything and Everyone.
Believe that You Are Worth a Trillion Dollars and
You Will Go Farther than You could Ever Imagine.

© 2005 Sarah
Davison, MI

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September 2005

Easter Day

Easter Day smiles are gleaming
Love is in the room
Chocolate bunnies, stuffed animals in
the best baskets
Boy do I like EASTER DAY!

© 2005 Katie
3rd Grade
Wyandot Elementery School - Columbus, OH


There she goes,
          in little panty hoes
     I see her fly,
          up into the sky.
     She's going away from me,
          so let her be.
     I try not to drop,
          or she'll call the cop.
     let her be,
          let her be free.

© 2005 Alijah
5th Grade
Alimacani - Jacksonville, FL


To those who have done me a service
I say “thank you” to you
To those who have given me a compliment
I say “thank you” to you
To those who have been a friend
I say “thank you” to you
But there is someone
Who has made me who I am today
Who has supported me in evey single way
To that special someone
You deserve more than a “thank you”
But what do I say to that person
Who has done nothing but give
Who loves, cares, shares
Who has helped me to live
What do I say to show my gratitude
For now ... all I can say is “thank you”
For I cannot find the words
That describe all that's in my mind
But one day, those words will be
Those words I give to you from me

© 2005 Elizabeth
6th Grade
North Elementary School - Greenville, OH


Do you think they die as warriors?
Their life ending before it has just begun
All of them lost to massacres in which
They were filled with false reasons
The “bad guys” the others are called
Like some fantastical foes
The young ones believe their ready to die
Deaf from patriotism that makes them blind to reality
How is dieing in a war without reason
Being a warrior?
Families shed as many tears as rain drops fall from the sky
From loves lost; their true feelings murdered by lies of one man
One man can cause so much horror
Yet, should we blame this man?
No, for we were mistaken to elect him as our leader
And for us to honor those who have died
We must stand up; it is time to face reality
Of promises shattered and the sword of lies piercing our people
We must be the warriors for those who have fallen
We must tear away from the false reality we created ourselves
And fight for what is right!

© 2005 Ana
12th Grade
Redwood High - Greenbrae, CA


The smiles of roses faltered slightly;
deep with the longing for something other than what they knew,
they parted ways from the ordinary.
As the Moon’s glow from a Feminine Perspective shone through with majestic light,
a fence in the near corner of hope
helped them grasp their self as worth living to what they came to be;
freshly blossomed and etched with a deeper color of purity;
With their rays of determination,
they were finally being led to shine through the darkness with ease and grace.

© 2005 Sarah
Flint, MI

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October 2005

No poems were selected for the K-2 category.

The Winter Goose

The snowman looked up to see a surprise.
A goose in the winter came up to his eyes!
It had icicles hanging from his wings and his bill
And as it tried to fly over the hill...

It fell to the ground not able to soar.
It couldn't take it anymore.
As the snowman saw it fall to the floor,
He thought he heard its stomach roar.

So into the nearest house he slid
Opening up a can lid,
He gave the goose some pea soup
Then he thought he should have a scoop.

The snowman started to frown.
He looked at himself melt down.
Later, the goose stood by a mud puddle
Wondering how in this cold huddle
A puddle rescued him that day
Thinking how careless he must have been,he flew away.

© 2005 Alex
4th Grade
Elizabeth Lane Elementry - Matthews, NC


The wind whispers in my ear,
The wind sings,
Such a pretty little whispered song,
The wind whispers in my ear...

“Play with me,
Let your chains unbind you,
From this earth,
Play with me”

So I relax myself,
Let all my troubles go,
Let the fears just fall away,
So I can fly away...
So I can fly away...

The wind,
She whispers in my ear,
A pretty story,
That involved a princess,
She whispered in my ear..

“A pretty princess,
She followed the trail of feathers,
To a pretty castle,
Where she danced in the fields,
To the beat of the wind,
The rhythem..
She followed that trail of feathers to the pretty castle,
Never to return again”

So I danced,
Just as the princess had done,
I followed a trail of rose petals,
Letting go of all my fears,
I danced..
I danced..
I flew away..
As the wind whispered..

“Let the fears go,
Let time no longer hold you,
Let the fears go,
Let time no longer rule you”

So I let the fears go,
I let time just fade away,
As I danced..
As I flew away..

The wind whispered in my ear..
She whispered such a faint lullaby..
I almost had to stop to hear..
But she still whispered in my ear..

“Now you have let it go,
Now it's all gone away..
Time no longer binds you to this earth,
Chains no longer chain you..
But unlike the princess..
You'll return..
But not before you accept..
Time is no longer apart of you..
Time is no longer apart of you”

So I danced..
I moved my hips to the rhythem..
I moved my arms to the balance..
Then I followed the rose petals back..
To where it all began..
To where it was soon to end..

© 2005 Jessica
8th Grade
Academy Charter School - Palmer, AK

To what was; to what has become

She's standing there staring.
Staring is to what could see.
Now blind.
She stands there with her arms to her side.
No where to go.
Lost in her blindness she screams, stomps, and taunts until she can't any longer.
It's quiet.
Darkness falls.
As she rocks back and fourth she thinks.
What can I see?
Suddenly a bright colorful picture of a young woman came into her mind.
Not knowing who or what it was she starts scrambling for answers.
She then touches a soft cold boney hand.
We always loved her.
Someone says very monotone like.
Shes quiet.
A tear falls the same time she does.
Never forgotten words were two days ago.
By her guilt shes still blind.
She bends to what was her mother.
She gives a kiss, grabs her hand, opens her eyes for one last look, and walks away.

© 2005 Jessica
9th Grade
T.R. Miller High School - Brewton, AL

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November 2005


Horses run along
They go over hills and grass
They really like mud

© 2005 Sarah
1st Grade
Asbury Elementery School - Erie, PA


Resting on the sea bottom, the monster waits. It stretches its tentacles, snatching nearby fish to sate its hunger. But what it really relishes is smart food. Food that will put up a fight.

Then finally, food appears in the form of a whaling ship. The monster snakes out his eighty tentacles, and makes itself and the ship one. He heaves himself out of the water, and sweeps his barbed tongue across the deck, swallowing the men and whale skins whole. Some of the braver men start hacking at his tentacles with swords that feel like toothpicks. With a flick of a tentacle the men, swords and all, are hanging from the masts.

When all the easy prey is taken care of, he simply tips the boat. He
snatches the sinking humans, watching as they struggle, and then popping them into his mouth. The day is over, and once again he settles into the deep.

© 2005 Nate
5th Grade
Highland Terrace - Shoreline, WA


A vicious funnel of whirling winds
Plowed through the countryside,
Leaving destruction in its path
A turn of fate, a change of tide.

The dear departed lay in rest
With ears that hear no winds of pain,
The swirling mass gives tombstones wings
And exposes long dead to the sun again.

Survivors emerge from their dens of rubble
Weeping for the ones who died,
Their friends who departed in years long past
With those newly expired limp at their side

They clamber over the houses collapsed
Peering into faces white,
Is this my great-great-grandfather
Or Sam who went missing just last night?

Corpses are found,
Torn my the storm
Buried again
In their graves nice and warm

A vicious funnel of whirling winds
Plowed through the countryside,
Leaving destruction in its path
A turn of fate, a change of tide.

© 2005 Nate
7th Grade
Einstein Middle School - Shoreline, WA

Let Them Dream

Midday fancies.
Barefooted in the backyard, running freely,
Chasing eachother round and round with pockets full of posies, Picking fresh little rosies from the bush.
But hush....Do not wake the children.
Their mother has called them in for dirt pudding and milk, then lays them down for a nap.
A nap filled with the relaxation from no worries in the world, With no porblems spitting out here and there like:
“Where are my keys?”
“When is this paper due?”
“What will I wear?”
No annoying questions cluttering their thoughts, adding unneeded stress upon their chests.
No trials nor tribulations filling their day unnessecarily.
Their only worry, is:
“How am I going to climb that tree to get to the top, to see all their is to see at the top
of the world?”
Do not wake them, for in their slumber they dream of things that we who have already passed this
       stage of adolescence can only wish to have on the very quietest of days.
Their dreams are of beuatiful things and magical things and wonderful things, unheard of in the
Their dreams are not yet tainted by the temptations, asphyxiation, and social adaptations of
       growing, unrelenting world.
These children have yet to stress from the weight and the burden set before them.
They have time to feel the warmth of the sun as it dances along their young, unscathed backs.
They have time to catch the fireflies, to blow bubbles, to imagine they're cowboys and Indians,
to dream.
These children are allowed to dream whatever they want to dream without any worry of
       condemnation, or social seclusion.
They can dream whatever they want to dream...
Do not wake them...
Let them sleep...
Though I envy their dreams, let them sleep.

© 2005 Sam
11th Grade
Belleview High School - Belleview, FL

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December 2005

There Was a First Grader Who Swallowed a Tick
based on the poem "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" by Annoymous

There was a first grader who swallowed a tick.
I don"t know why he swallowed a tick.
Perhaps he'll get sick.

There was a first grader who swallowed a praying mantis,
Who snapped and snapped and snapped inside him.
He swallowed the praying mantis to catch the tick.
I don't know why he swallowed the tick.
Perhaps he'll get sick.

There was a first grader who swallowed a frog.
What a hog, to swallow a frog!
He swallowed the frog to catch the praying mantis.
He swallowed the praying mantis to catch the tick.
I don't know why he swallowed the tick.
Perhaps he'll get sick.

There was a first grader who swallowed a bat.
How about that, he swallowed a bat!
He swallowed a bat to catch the frog.
He swallowed the frog to catch the praying mantis.
He swallowed the praying mantis to catch the tick.
I don't know why he swallowed the tick.
Perhaps he'll get sick.

There was a first grader who swallowed a cat.
Perhaps he'll get fat, he swallowed a cat.
He swallowed the cat to catch the bat.
He swallowed a bat to catch the frog.
He swallowed the frog to catch the praying mantis.
He swallowed the praying mantis to catch the tick.
I don't know why he swallowed a tick.
Perhaps he'll get sick.

There was a first grader who swallowed a dog.
He wanted to be thin, so he began to jog, jog, jog.
He swallowed the dog to catch the cat.
He swallowed the cat to catch the bat.
He swallowed a bat to catch the frog.
He swallowed the frog to catch the praying mantis.
He swallowed the praying mantis to catch the tick.
I don't know why he swallowed the tick.
Perhaps he'll get sick.

There was a first grader who swallowed a whale.
He swallowed the whale when he forgot his mail.
He swallowed the whale to catch the dog.
He swallowed the dog to catch the cat.
He swallowed the cat to catch the bat.
He swallowed a bat to catch the frog.
He swallowed the frog to catch the praying mantis.
He swallowed the praying mantis to catch the tick.
I don't know why he swallowed the tick.

We hope he doesn't get sick!

© 2005 Ms. Farrell's First Grade Class
Saint Bavo School - Mishawaka, IN

My Parents are Robots

One morning Jake woke up and went downstairs.The air smelled like rusted metal and expired car oil. "Dad where are you?" he called in dismay. Jake found his dad in the garage and he was eating...........nuts and bolts? "Are you o.kay?" His father nodded but Jake knew something weird was going on.Next he went to his mom for help. "There is something wrong with dad.He is eating nuts and bolts.Anyway can you drive me to school?"Then she answered in a screechy,robotic voice, "Why use the car when I can fly?" As Jake went outside he thought to himself:How can mom fly?This is really strange.So as Jake and his mom got on the driveway she sprouted wings and wheels.Her arms turned into massive wings and her feet turned into 12-feet rubber wheels.Then Jake said "mom I think I'll walk to school today." When he got home his "parents" were on the garage floor.Bolts,lights,and plastic pieces were strewn across the floor.Then his parents spoke in thier low,robotic voices, "Now you know why we said we would tell you our secret when you were older." So Jake put his mom and dad back together but sometimes on cool summer nights you can see Jake flying in the sky with his "parents"

© 2005 A Jay
5th Grade
Prairie Vista Elementary - Granger, IN

There was a 3-way tie for the 6-8 category.


I am purple.
Shadowed, skylight purple.
Purple, the sparkling, spectacular, spellbinding night sky.
Purple, the lapping waves, shadows cast upon them by the light of the half moon.

I am purple.
Calm, pastel purple.
A beautiful, blooming begonia purple.
A drowsy, tranquil sunrise purple.

I am purple.
Bold, royal purple.
Purple, sorrowful leaves dancing mournfully in the frigid autumn breeze, falling from their
lofty perch.
Purple, a regal flag flying victoriously aloft the fallen riders and trembling horses.

I am purple.
Purple gentle, purple clear.
Purple, a glistening tear.
Purple, a color that quells all fear.
I am purple.
Purple am I.

© 2005 Cassandra Ann
7th Grade
Einstein Middle School - Shorelive, WA



I am snow white
Like the clouds that have collected their tears overtiime and cried them out letting them fall
miles away.

I am pearl white
Like the seashell that has fought too many battles and wars with the crashingand tumbling waves
of a powerful sea.

I am milky white
Like the ivory of an elephnts tusk that has aged and weakend over the long adventurouse years of
the majestic creature.

I am pale white
Like the piles of wheat that have been plucked and taken from their homes and pounded into a
dust of flour.

I am white.

© 2005 Mavis
7th Grade
Kellogs Middle School - Shoreline, WA



I am red, spicy, crackling, fire red leaves
Bouncing in the steaming sharp raindrops
Falling like shotting stars in the sky

I am red, like Mars shinning in my eyes
Dusty red sand in far away deserts
Velvety ruby red sand

I am red, a rosy, rugged, ruby, red bicycle
Riding the big, beautiful, bad, bicycle
I vigorously pick up lavender violets on my journey home from school

I am red, tiny red crabs float on the rock hard ocean floor
While eating shiny silver little fish
While lying on their hard shaped backs
Like lazy little pigs rolling in the mud

© 2005 Konrad
8th Grade
Einstein Middle School - Shoreline, WA

There was a 2-way tie for the 9-12 category.


The world fell down yesterday,
in a glittery, jittery crash.
And all that was left of the world
was some rubble and smoldering ash.
If I asked myself any question,
then this is what it would be:
“Was the world any different
because of the life of me?”

© 2005 Sarah
9th Grade
Reid Ross Classical School - Fayetteville, NC


Bless Everything

     Bless  the  mamas, Bless  the  babies,
     Bless  the  dogs  that  might  have  rabies.

© 2005 Stephanie
10th Grade

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January 2006


big, fun
running, listening, learning
happy, excited, glad, delightful

© 2006 Ms. Whitlock's First Grade Class
Reuben Elementary City - Newberry, SC


The house is empty, shall we go out and listen for the echo of the lost shout?
There is a tree where they had their swing, and a bucket for minnows by the spring.

© 2006 Amber
4th Grade
Ray Childers Elementary School - NC

There was a 2-way tie for the 6-8 category.


the wind blows by,
but my hair does not move,
i feel empty.
i see my father, but wait,
he died when I was 2.
he's gone now,
i walk and walk,
i'm the only one,

but then I wake up,
in clouds,
good morning

© 2006 Priscilla
7th Grade
Rock Castle County Middle School - Mt. Vernon, KY


[untitled haiku]

Frozen into ice
Waterfalls glisten down
Sparkling crystal

© 2006 Eden
6th Grade
Billinghurst Middle School - Reno, NV

Watching Daybreak

As I stand on a high and lonely rock above the ocean. I feel the beams of sunlight as they
reach out and touch my skin. A feeling of warmth. It feels as though
mother nature
wrapped a protective cocoon around my body and I can't be touched. Feeling
the mother natures’ fingers run through my hair. It gives me a feeling of comfort. As I watch
Seeing the waves foam, and wash up on shore and fold like blankets.
Watching the ocean, so
gentle and calm like a newborn baby. Seeing the pelican as it flys unto the sun. Watching the
day, as it wraps up and starts new. And as these things are so
beautiful...I realize that I am
just a stranger watching daybreak.

© 2006 Mariah
9th Grade
Paris High School - Paris, KY


Auburn drops of blood from the evening sky,
Flip-flopping upon the serene sea
Like a drum being tapped, gently
By a sad drummer who has lost his lover, forever.

An injured sea gull circles, alone,
Wings flapped in endless pain;
She shrieks, loudly, unaware of the reason...
A flash of lightning, earlier, her life is not the same anymore.

The sea water, gradually, pulls her down,
But she fights hard to stay high;
Her soul yearns for twilight to smear its purple fire on the sky,
But in the heart of the storm, she is, slowly, sinking.

© 2006 Tri
Orange Coast College - Costa Mesa, CA

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February 2006

There was a 2-way tie for the K-2 category.

Cars Race

Their wheels run like crazy
They are as fast as rockets
Zip! Watch them go!

© 2006 Kari
Grade K
All Saint's Episcopal Day School - Phoenix, AZ


the tree!

I'm a tree
beautiful as can be
lovely leaves, nice bark, cool branch
oh! a

© 2006 Ethan
1st Grade
Crest Hill Elementary - Casper, NY


a soul of water
a soul of stone
a soul of fire
a soul unknown
the hours unmake
our flesh our bone
a soul is all
and all alone

© 2006 Luca
4th Grade
Old Mission School - San Luis Obispo, CA

There was a 2-way tie for the K-2 category.

A World of Grief and Happiness

To the ground I painfully bend,
Sowing the dark green wheat.
The day continues with no end,
Freedom is yet so far away.

I look towards the shimmering sky,
And see a world of grief.
The people of the land will die,
If something is not done.

Yet if I straighten my crooked back,
This world I know so well,
Happiness does not lack,
For this is what I see.

I see mothers singing,
To impatient, chattering children,
I see villagers lingering,
To talk and chat a minute more.

I see young, lovely girls,
Stringing beads of blossom,
Through their glossy curls,
And call to their betrothed.

All it takes is a pair of eyes,
Eyes that are not blind,
To see beyond the cries,
Of grief and pangs of hunger.

Then you will see,
The little things beyond the grief,
So precious to you and me,
We have forgotten them:

The warmth of a touch,
A longing stare of love,
The things that mean so much,
To both you and me.

And now I know I've learnt,
A lesson more important,
Than the wheat fields ruined and burnt -
It's knowing how to start again.

© 2006 Joey
7th Grade
American International School - Guang Zhou, China


When I Cry

When I cry
I do not do it gently
When I cry
I do not do it quietly
When I cry
I do not do it alone
When I cry
I do not seek peace, only a small oasis

© 2006 Anonymous
7th Grade
J. Sam Gentry Middle School - Mount Airy, NC

Gothic Conventions

Rest in Peace.
I lay on the green grass of the cemetery as the wind whips through my hair, and a soft tear trickles down my cheek. The sky is blue, and yet a gentle rain lightly dribbles over the grave stones. I place the flowers next to the polished stone and trace my fingerover the engraved name. A smiling cherub is balanced upon the marble, guarding the loved one that lies beneath the surface. I grin as the rain ceases, and a rainbow shines overhead, knowing that rainbows were always her favorite, knowing it’s a sign that she's doing all right up there. I feel a slight tickle across my face and a light touch upon my shoulder, and I know she is here with me. I
stand up and have one last glance at the glistening flowers, still damp with the touch of the rain. As I walk through the wrought-iron gates the wind tangles my hair and a falling leaf kisses my cheek, as if saying see you later.

Rest in Pieces.
I lay sprawled out on the browning, un-cut cemetery grass. The wind cries painfully through the trees, and blackened tears stream down my cheeks. The sky remains gray, as it always is here. As
I place the red roses against the polished stone, a thorn pricks my finger deeply. Through the broken stone I see my eyes, cold and merciless. Hurt... a pained soul with a story reflected in this rock. I run my blood smeared finger over the engraved name on the polished grave stone — remembering. The rain begins to pound down upon the beaten earth, hiding the tears I've shed. The wind tangles my hair furiously, and thunder trembles the ground and I shudder. I stumble, beginning to dart to the rusted, decrepit iron gates. They shut heavily before me, and although I shriek, and pound upon and shake the gates until my knuckles whiten, they remain locked. I sink lifelessly, vulnerably to the ground and don't even bother to cry. Blackened tears have stained my face, as well as my soul. Life is hopeless — there is no point.

© 2006 Samantha
9th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY

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March 2006

A Panda Bear That's Blue And Green

A panda bear is black and white
But I just feel that it's not right
He would be much more intresting
If he was colored blue and green
He could do oh so many things
Like spill blue juice and still look clean
A panda bear who's green and blue
Could hide in trees and oceans, too
No one would see him He'd fit right in
The thought of that just makes me grin
That panda bear — who's green and blue
Could live inside a silly zoo
That had weird critters like Macky-Moo
(He's my brother)
— I'd live there, too!

© 2006 Grant
2nd Grade
Ironwood Elementary - Tucson, AZ

A Garden of Song

You look into the gleaming eyes
Of stardom to face your fears
And,finally, you see yourself
Through the saddening tears

Stripes of gold and silver
Racing through your mind
Disappearing at the very worst moment
At the very worst time

A bushy coat of chestnut
Of protection shields your way
Through happiness and sadness
Holding back things you'd like to say

Strange are your methods
Of keeping yourself true
To your friends and family
But never once to you

Your mind is going at the speed of sound
And as you take your place
To a chair of fear you're bound
And finally shout your words of grace

No one but you in this secretive world
And no recognition yet
For many reasons you could name
Inside your mind of regret

Your mind is so stubborn
With thoughts of new things
Of how to be new people
Supposedly, more things they bring

You think the grass is always greener
On the other side
Because nothing you have is good enough
If fears you can't subside

But if you have the courage
And the strength to move on
You can create not only green grass
But a garden full of song!

©2006 Haley
5th Grade
Greensboro Montessori School - Greensboro, NC

the lion

mane golden, shining like the sun

teeth glinting, shiny white

paws velvety soft

playfully batting my hands

a golden blur running through the forest

I run my hands through the forest

wild, free and beautiful

my lovely lion

© 2006 Nina
5th Grade
Hunters Woods Elementary School - Reston, VA


My name is Sarah
I am but three,
My eyes are swollen
I cannot see,
I must be stupid
I must be bad,
What else could have made
My daddy so mad?
I wish I were better
I wish I weren't ugly,
Then maybe my mommy
Would still want to hug me.
I can't speak at all
I can't do a wrong
Or else I'm locked up
All the day long.
When I awake I'm all alone
The house is dark
My folks aren't home.
When my mommy does come
I'll try and be nice,
So maybe I'll get just
One whipping tonight.
Don't make a sound!
I just heard a car
My daddy is back
From Charlie's Bar.
I hear him curse
My name he calls
I press myself
Against the wall.
I try and hide
From his evil eyes
I'm so afraid now
I'm starting to cry.
He finds me weeping
He shouts ugly words,
He says its my fault
That he suffers at work.
He slaps me and hits me
And yells at me more,
I finally get free
And I run for the door.
He's already locked it
And I start to bawl,
He takes me and throws me
Against the hard wall.
I fall to the floor
With my bones nearly broken,
And my daddy continues
With more bad words spoken.
I'm sorry! I scream
But its now much too late
His face has been twisted
Into unimaginable hate.
The hurt and the pain
Again and again
Oh please God, have mercy!
Oh please let it end!
And he finally stops
And heads for the door,
While I lay there motionless
Sprawled on the floor.
My name is Sarah
And I am but three,
Tonight my daddy
Murdered me.

© 2006 Amanda
7th Grade
Indian River Middle School - Philadelphia, NY


Nature is the endless sky,
the sun of golden light,
a cloud that floats serenely by,
the silver moon of night.

Nature is a sandy dune,
a tall and stately tree,
the waters of a clear lagoon,
the billows on the sea.

Nature is a gentle rain
and winds that howl and blow,
the thunderstorm, a hurricane,
a silent field of snow.

Nature is a tranquil breeze
and pebbles on a shore.
Nature's each and all of these
and infinitely more.

© 2006 Melissa
11th Grade
Capuchino High School - San Bruno, CA

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April 2006

There was a 2-way tie for the K-2 category.


In a Forest
In a tree
There's a monkey swinging free
Hanging by his hands and feet
Looking for a treat to eat
Ripe bananas grow nearby
Soon they've caught his monkey eyes
Monkey grabs one starts to peel
Now he's got a monkey meal

© 2006 John
2nd Grade
Wetmore Elementary School - San Antonio, TX


By the Ocean

The soothing sound of the ocean,
The cries of the seagulls,
flying overhead
the sand between your toes. 
Vast amounts of calm, blue water,
Never-ending breeze.

© 2006 Nate
2nd Grade
Stevenson Elementary School - Bellvue, WA

No poems were selected for the 3-5 category.


Forced by nature gasping for a breath at life to gracefully fill your
bodies soul
never opening up to the sight of broad-day light across dawn of the
earth as a whole

Swiftly blowing where ever the wind turns loose, we are brought to pain
politically proposed to purposely perpetrated each other in vain

Dumped on life's demand of aspect to critically consume hurt
following the road not yet diverged to freedom but holding its own
capabilities despite a beings

Molded into one self we have each been stitched into the earth?s
blinded threads of humanity
never doubting distinctly exterminating others to endure as a separate
weave under a strand of

God blesses us, struggling to malnourish evil while providing successful ways
its own in fact
way to strive
knowing from the start our talents were bound to secret affairs from
what we produce throughout
our own minds

Anyway possible to keep feeding the people of our own land as one
battlefield of destroyed
anything goes....
feeling the earths last breath across my lips which were made to touch
unborn but yet undead

Nearly contributed to understanding consequences and repercussions of
actions over love
over and above determination...it is sought out to yet be another
doubtful destiny

Another not sought but yet thought out to be law under and order of diversity
different from any being walking with its own weakened complexity

Deep inside us...we are soldiers wondering the lost land of a war we
once attended
once fought, once participated, once lost, and still coping

Priceless to riches, our specific needs are as clear as the nights stars
we are as dark as the nights shadow...
nothing overcomes guilt more than a heart broken home

Let to be only seen by each other forcefully still trying to inhale
the life of which we praise
thrown from danger delicately drawn by death...we are as if useless

As if useless was the definite way to define us
meaningless it seems taking up space after space

The equivalent of waste.... left on the ground
...left on the street
we are of that...left on the street

Building homes for each other as if our community grown from nutrients
we aren't fate...but we are liberty
battling forever until the last breath.... on these streets yet again
as soldiers

Battling forever until the last fight... On these streets we bring deception
this is my contribute to my peoples goals and responsibilities
guarding the streets of deception....

© 2006 Brittany
8th Grade
West Millbrook Middle School - Raleigh, NC

I Have Evolved

All those joyful picnics
Where laughter echoed off the river
All those cold wet nights
Where fear lurked in the shadows of a closet
All those lectures on living
Where all I did was scream and cry
Do you see how I've evolved?
It's so strange
But so natural
That for the first time
I understand
I realize who you are

© 2006 Sobia
9th Grade
George Bush High School - Sugarland, TX

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May 2006

No poems were selected for the K-2 or 3-5 categories


          It's half past noon,
          The 3rd day of June.
          I march toward Virginia's light,
          'tis been 2 years since I joined the fight.

          I'll tell you the tale of Gettysburg,
          Bloody battle of the Civil War.
          Through Virginia I bravely marched,
          Feet aching and throat parched.

          Pennsylvania was our calling.
          We knew not that it was to be
          The place of our noble falling,
          For the future we could not see.

          Now I'm standing at this place,
          A Federal Army I must face.
          I fought the battle, nerves askew,
          For the Federals were many, and us few.

          Our bullets slip through building boards,
          Officers fighting, clashing swords.
          We moved around and crushed their flank
          Into enemy lines, we slowly sank.

          The first day is over and many are dead,
          For many have died and there was much blood shed.
          The agony sinks down into my core,
          I can take it no more.

          Second day, my muscles sting,
          And sounds of battle in my head still ring.
          Yet I fight hard, and bravely, and true,
          In the first few minutes, I have killed 2.

          The 3rd day, and my very last,
          A shot to my chest, and I passed,
          Into the heavens, where pain doesn't sting
          Or battle cries and shouts ring.

          My life is done,
          It is time for me to die.
          Adios, my friend, and goodbye.

© 2006 Calan
7th Grade
Trinity Episcopal School - Victoria, TX


She remembers her childhood in pieces, shards'
flakes of ash'for the mind beneath her candle-hair
is burnt, burnt, burnt.

Here a piece of sky, washed by sunset
with all the shades of bruise;
here the curve of a man's arm
underneath her head
her ear vibrating with the unmistakable hum
of the mirrored blood singing in their veins.

A broken memory, here, and here and there,
there a patch of thought too brightly colored,
too sharply-defined
where she has welded together
the edges of close moments
with imagination.

His memories are not like hers;
his life has sunk its passing into him as rain in soil;
he has engraved his own history within the river-rock.

She delights in the excerpts
of this long-unbroken scribbling,
when he is willing to read them to her.

She is afraid to ask him for these recitations,
afraid that asking might shatter that clean whole
into can be told and can't.

But he reads her perhaps less literally than she does him,
and in his company, wanting takes the place of asking.
She feels sorry for him when she finds herself
unable to repay his kindly timing;
when he expresses more curiosity
than she can satisfy.

Someday, she vows,
she will find enough of herself to repay her debt.
In the meantime, he waits.

This evening he knows
That she needs something of stone
to carry down with her into the darkness,
into her own smoke.

And from his long narrative,
he pulls a morning of his ninth summer:
He tells her of water, of salt drying into a mask;
of brother and uncle and father,
turning away from the ghost in the sea.

My mother's laugh was as fine and fragile as foam.

His silence falters when he is done;
she knows in her clumsy way,
that he would like to know of her, now.

The silence taps its fingers on her skull.

And slowly, slowly, slowly'
The words fall out of her.
More haltingly than trees do from their season'
she begins to speak.

Of her own sea,
grass grown long and wild and supple as waves
out beyond the city walls;
grass that turned from white to silver to gray
under the scrutiny of the sun;
of the brother who came and laughed and sat patiently by
as she played at drowning.

Her memory stops here, abruptly and unnaturally,
and silence folds around them again.
But this is not quite silence;
it is a hush, and has room within it,
for her head beneath his cheek.

© 2006 Kate
Seattle, WA

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June 2006

No poems were selected for the K-2 category.

Blue Shadow

I like it when my shadow's blue
and the sky is elephant gray.
I dribble my ball and shoot it
when I play.
The ball whisks through the net
and falls straight to the ground.
As I lean to catch it,
blue shadows bounce around.

© 2006 Emily
3rd Grade
Mark Twain Elementary School - Carson City, NV

Special Person

It seems as if it were yesterday
Every moment so vivid
A year ago I wouldn't have ever guessed such a thing was to happen
We would talk about everything
Things from the past, or things that have yet to come
From what was done at school, to who was at a party
We did everything together

Yet, now it's plain to see
Without you who would I be?
You were there for my first word,
My first steps,
For everything
You are what gave life to me

Now on this day I still think of those moments
Your last days
Spending them in a hospital
In everyone's eyes you were getting better
But you and I both knew

That last weekend wasn't a bad one
I slept over at the hospital
To make your last days nice ones
I took you out on your wheelchair through the halls
To see the maternity ward
We said jokes
We read
Watched movies
After I read the letter to you
We talked about how I was going to react
The day you took your final breath

I remember when you used to cry because you were sick
I hated seeing you like that
Yet, I know you are in heaven
For in those last few days
Not one tear was shed from your eyes
You knew that God wanted you in his kingdom of eternal life

You and I both know it was hard for me
Seeing you letting me on my own physically, never spiritually
While you were sick we spoke of you getting better
We would speak of things that we would do when I was older
Now we won't have the chance of enjoying such a thing
Yet, I have come to realize that you will be there

It was especially hard telling Matt
I think explained it the best way I could
"God loves everyone
But he loves mommy the most
So he asked her to go live with him"

And on the day that I was picked up early
With a sad look upon dad's face
I responded with one simple sentence I already knew the answer of:
"Today's gonna‚ be the last day we see momma huh?"
And a the nod of approval he gave me hurt so bad inside
I had the choice of whether or not Matthew should go
I allowed him to,
I know it's what you would have wanted

We didn't say goodbye to you
Even though that day you were in the intensive care unit
With eyes closed
Covered up
IVs in your veins
Casts on your legs
A tube down your throat
And the beeping of your heart monitor ringing in my ears

We knew you heard us
Speaking of how our day went,
And how good Matt is doing in sports
Also, how my fieldtrip to a play had gone earlier in the day
Even though everyone visiting you knew what was to happen the next day
Matt and I wanted to make sure that inside
You weren't thinking about death,
Rather, thinking of eternal life

And the words we left you with at the hospital
Were the ones we left with you at the funeral
And they were the words that we had said at the burial
"We love you momma, see you later!!"

© 2006 Natalie
8th Grade
Miami Springs Middle School - Miami Springs, FL

Slight Alteration

It wouldn't last
No No No
(boots were cheap)
The War was over
Youthful optimism
No nothing
It would not last

-click click click-
Same boots he'd been wearing for the last four years
Watery eyes
Lost upbringing
Dead brother
complaining didn't work
(Way past midnight)
(Alley's pitch black)
It was over
It had ended

wanted to be a writer once
wanted to ask her to marry him
wanted to make a difference
(Walks down the alley)
Had he made one?
"Three defenseless men dead count?" he thinks bitterly
(Came to a dead end)
(Cold brick wall)
Can not go back
His old life
begin again?
why bother?
why bother anything?
I don't know
where to go?

missing the life of life's past?
it will never return
could he go on? yes
should he go on? probably
but would he?
once again "why bother?"
-more silence-
everything he loved
Join them?
He'll sleep on it

© 2006 Zack
9th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY

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July 2006

No poems were selected for the K-2, 3-5, or 9-12 categories.


It is as cold as death
Yet the air is
tingling- full
of youth and time.
Time for us to while away
never knowing the future is almost here.
Parks are for baseball players and schemers           
and Dreamers
like me and Sam.
Our cheeks are stung and flushed pink like watermelons from
faraway summer.
They clash with the black of the nine o' clock sky.
Almost as black as coal but not quite.
There's some blue.
True blue for forever friends
like me and Sam.
Sliding, cheering, screaming
down the once silent hill we glide
coming to a jerking stop at the end.
Like lather, rinse, repeat
we climb, sled, repeat
until our noses are numb and our legs are cramped.
We lay, softly
and listen to the sounds of of home.
The chain swing swaying, creaking.
The screen doors opening and closing.
The Blue Route humming on the bridge above.
We talked
on and on
about nothing and everything.
If you could go back and count the snowflakes lying on that
hallowed ground,
Add the Christmas lights on every tree in Swarthmore,
And multiply that by the small footprints we left,
you might get how many times we laughed.
And for the rest of my life
whenever I see the snow caressing the curve of the
nine o' clock sky,
I'll remember how fast that night went.
And hope this night lasts longer
for a couple of dreamers
like Sam and me.

© 2006 Mary Kate
8th Grade
Ridley Middle School - Ridley Park, PA

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