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Welcome to the student poems of the month! We have up to five "Poems of the Month," one each for the K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grades plus sometimes one for those who are college level or graduates. Did you miss out on some of last year's poems? You can visit the archives to catch what you missed.

Get your poems for next month in now! Only original poems received in the month previous will be eligible for Poem of the Month for the current month. We are getting so many wonderful submissions it is hard to choose! If you submitted last month and weren't selected you are welcome to try again this month. You can send poems to us by clicking here.

August 2006

No poems were selected this month.

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September 2006

No poems were selected this month.

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October 2006


Animals, animals, they are great.
No one could hate an animal.
They are really great.
OK, it's time to go,
But, remember to glow.

© 2006 Maxwell
Grade K
St. Luke Catholic School - McLean, VA

Where I'm from

     I am from happy days and joy filled moments.

     I am from cold winter mornings filled with family and brightly
colored christmas lights.

     I am from the smell of fresh cut grass and brownies baking in the

     I am from horseback riding and bright starry nights.

     I am from family gatherings filled with birthday cakes and cold

     I am from hot summers overflowing with the smell of bar-b-q and the sound of splashing in the pool.

© 2006 Ally
8th grade
Johnson Middle - Melbourne, FL

Joke for Immortal Eyes

Away, like the wind through the mountain and meadow,
Away, like the mist on the face of the sun,
Dynasties crash and the kingdoms come falling -
Back to the dust where the world was begun.
Now, like the tide of tumultuous oceans,
Now, like the breath of the new fallen snow,
See? Mortal man's an illusionist's mirror -
Breaking and bending for sake of the show.
Along, like the rain running over the valley,
Along, like the moonlight to paint the black sky,
Visions and poets and victories leaping -
All for the moment, and all doomed to die.
Watch, like the eagle unfurling its splendor,
Watch, like the gods men and mice both adore,
Crumbling crowns in cacophany crying -
Fallen to nothing but dust on the floor.
Look, watch the fools at their conquerings playing,
Look, watch the dust think itself something grand!
Whence comes this pride up from briefly lit corpses?
What makes the mighty believe they can stand?

© 2006 Ashleigh
11th Grade
Summers County High - Hinton, WV

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November 2006

There was a 2-way tie for the K-2 poem category.

The Seasons

Summer is the season when you play outside,
Me and my friends love to go and hide.
Spring is when the flowers grow,
Some bloom fast and some bloom slow.
Fall is the time the leaves turn yellow,
Me and my family eat lots of jello.
Winter is when the ground is all white,
The snow gives my feet a lot of frostbite.

© 2006 Pooja
2nd Grade
Jefferson Elementary - Winston Salem, NC



Dinosaurs no longer live but their
Bones, Bones, Bones are here.

They died because they didn't have enough food but their
Bones, Bones, Bones are here.

Some walked, some flew, some ate plants, some ate meat. They're all gone, but their
Bones, Bones, Bones are here.

© 2006 Nickolas
Grade K
Errick Road School - Tonawanda, NY

There was a 2-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.

Sun Not Son

There’s something
Shining in the sky.
It’s like a giant
Yellow eye.

Mom told me
“It is the sun.”
I said “It doesn’t
Look like one.”

“It doesn’t have arms.
Nor does it have ears.
It doesn’t have actions.
It doesn’t show tears.

It doesn’t have arms.
Nor feet I can see.
It does not look like
My brother to me!”

“Oh my dear that’s
Not it at all.
It’s miles wide
Not five feet tall.”

“Well gee mom!
You should have said
I was thinking of
Your son instead!

© 2006 Mandy
5th grade
Burlington, NC



You gleam in the night as I steer
my boat to the dock. Woosh!! the waves crash up. Boom!! as thunder crashes up on the bay.
Lightning is flashing brighter than the stars above my head.
I'm scared, but you have your light
shining on my coat. Woooo!! it's raining and the wind blows hard. Knock, knock, knock!!! as I
tap the door. I go inside and get snug in the warmth of the cozy light.

© 2006 Maggie
4th Grade
Dobson Elementary - Dobson, NC


The great clipper ship, the Jolly Roger she did bear
One by one her giant mainsails caught a breeze in the air
She slowly picked up speed, and to the British flagship gave chase
Seeking to pillage, plunder and murder, with haste

Swinging hard about, the British ship her attacker did face
Brandishing her flags, flexing her guns
Her duty as Royal Navy Flagship to perform
Great Britain to defend

The clipper’s cannons opened up with a “bang” , blasting through the flagship’s aft
Which retaliated with a volley of lead, lobbed leeward into the heart of the marauder’s craft
With that, the great mast of the clipper was split
Her proud, obstinate sails torn and ripped lay draped upon her bow
Spelling doom, near to come

The clipper lay reeling from the blow, as death loomed ever nearer
Her soul was broken, her body marred
Her grip on life she began to lose, the water began to flow
The old ship filled with water, and underwater began to go

Till at last swallowed up was she, eaten up by the sea
Laid to rest at last, entombed in water, murk and mire
Sunk by those she sought to slay,
Pirates cold in the deep now lay.

© 2006 Bobby
8th Grade
Leesville - Raleigh, NC

The Musical Remedy

When you're walking all alone
Down the empty street
When you think you've finally faced your match,
Finally faced defeat
Just calm down and listen,
Quiet as can be
Calm down and listen
To the Musical Remedy.
Let the sweet tones
Enter your head
Let them erase all your fears
And vanish all your dread.
Let that familar tingling come
Running up and down your spine,
What were you thinking?
Everything's going to be fine.
You just needed to take the time,
To calm down and listen
You needed to hear the rhyme,
And see what you've been missing.
It's something beyond the knowing of the human mind,
But if you look hard enough,
It's something you might find.
When you're walking all alone
Down the empty street
When you think you've finally faced your match,
Finally faced defeat
Just calm down and listen
Quiet as can be
Calm down and listen
To the Musical Remedy.

© 2006 Caitlin
10th Grade
Commack High School - Smithtown, NY

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December 2006


Books are so fun. I'm careful with books. If you see, I will write a sentence about me.
I'm a boy, if you see I have feet and legs. I know a person named Peggy. I'm 7 so that I used
to have a a cat. He used to sleep on a mat and sat so flat.

© 2006 Griffin
2nd Grade
Charles C. Bell School - Asheville, NC

There was a 2-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.

A Bubbling Stream

a bubbling stream
wiggles through the countryside
Where is the river

© 2006 Christopher
4th Grade
Greenwood Elementary - Florence, SC


The House Finch

Her quick
as smooth as a freshly paved sidewalk
on a jolly summer day
as casual as a worm
after 5 inches of rain
as bold as a blue whale
breaching and splashing in the sea
as pleasant as a cup of steaming hot chocolate
on a cold winter day.

She finishes her call
and soars into her nest
and curls up with her chicks
who are returning her call.

© 2006 Matthew
4th Grade
Loring Elementary - Sudbury, MA

There was a 3-way tie for the 6-8 poem category.


“This is the day,”
I wanted to shout,
hurrying home while school was out,

“This is the day,
where feet have springs,
thoughts grow wings,
and everything sings,

For the rain is through,
the sky is blue,
the air is light,
sun is bright and
the grass is new....”

“This is the day when dreams come true.”

© 2006 Chyanne
7th Grade
Bath County Middle School - Frenchburg



Tick Tock Tick Tock
The clock could not be slower
It takes up everyone's focus
Even the teacher's at one point
Everyone waiting, grasping their books, ready to race out of the classroom
Only to be disappointed that the clock is too slow

© 2006 Myles
7th Grade
Harry B. Thompson Middle School - Port Washington, NY


Like An Angel

The smell of lilac,
The softness of my heart.
The sweetness of an apple pie,
The trust from someone smart.
A true friend who has your back,
The grace of a swan.
This is all,
Like An Angel.

© 2006 Lily
6th Grade
Palmer Junior Middle School - Palmer, AK

There was a 3-way tie for the 9-12 poem category.

Ocean Haiku

As blue as the sky
As gentle as a pillow
You walk by, it waves

© 2006 K.S.P.L.
12th Grade
Reynolds - Asheville, NC



Standing before an audience,
An audience of one,
A pair of eyes peering at me,
Head tilted,
Ears expectant.

Standing before a sheet of music,
A foreign language,
Waiting to be read,
Shared by an audience of one.

Standing poised and ready,
Chin gripping,
Fingers shifting,
Arm sliding gracefully,
For my audience of one.

Standing firmly, proudly,
I interpret the language,
It comes alive and dances,
For my audience of one.

© 2006 Kayla
9th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY



I am the weather-beaten rocks and the ice.
I wonder at the stars, dotting the grey-white sky.
I hear the howling of the wolves mingle with that of the wind.
I see the still green trees, heavy with snow.
I want this peace to be eternal.
I am the weather-beaten rocks and the ice

I pretend to be nothing, for I wish to be what I am.
I feel the bitter cold’s sweet touch.
I touch the brisk cold stream and smile.
I worry for only what I pretend to be.
I cry tears of soiled ice, beautiful through their stains.
I am the weather-beaten rocks and the ice.

I understand all the trees try to tell me.
I say only yes, and obey them.
I dream of the gentle thaw of spring.
I try to keep up with Mother Nature.
I hope for my own wellbeing.
I am the weather-beaten rocks and the ice.

I am the Mountains.

© 2006 C.J.
9th Grade
Palm Bay High School - Palm Bay, FL

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January 2007

No poems were selected for the K-2 category.


I like the feel of fall
bright, orange pumpkins
crunchy, brown, leaves
soft, yellow corn

© 2007 Hannah
5th Grade

There was a 2-way tie for the 6-8 poem category.

[excerpt from untitled poem]

Winter, winter, cold and brutal.
I sit inside and eat my strudel.

© 2007 Rebecca
6th Grade
Cornwall Central Middle School - Cornwall, NY


How Do You?

How do you love someone who never got to be?
Or try again to see a face you never got to see?

How do you mourn the death of one
Who never got to live?
When there's nothing to feel good about,
Nothing to forgive?

I love you little brother,
you’re a person of the wind.
Free to be a memory,
To all that might have been.

I love you little brother
My companion of the night.
Wondering through my lonley hours
Beautiful and bright.

What does it mean to die
Before you ever can be born?
To live the lovley night of life
And never see the dawn?

But brother you lived like anyone
Even though you never got to see
How much i miss you and what you mean to me.

© 2007 Brayden
7th Grade
Oakway Middle School - Westminster, SC

There was a 4-way tie for the 9-12 poem category.

Aria de Tristeza

In my eyes you can perceive
A frailty deep inside of me
That swallows natural ecstasy
And bids me live in fear

It tugs my heart and fills my head
And haunts me as I lie in bed
That for all joys that I have bled
That much more the end creeps near

Like a flower, I will wilt
I’ll forget all the dreams I’ve built
And pour sorrow upon my quilt
With none to hold me dear

I tear down walls and shatter hope
Until none lie within my scope
I am the fool, on words I choke
Struck by depression’s spear

An empty heart, a broken soul
No longer reaches every goal
The confidence that quickly stole
So quick to disappear

Moreover life does tempt and bait
Those who run and those who wait
There are those who play with fate
And those who just adhere

Who has seen a mountain move?
Who’s touched the sky and lived to prove
That to all lost, it might behoove
Them to know why we’re here?

© 2007 Jamila
11th Grade
St. Petersburg High School - St. Petersburg, FL



Stale soap. Squirming runaway.
Thin frame, pale blue, still, flutter, weak.
Stark white; sunken in,
lifeless grey from vivid brown.
Fire to dull, snuffed spark,
dying embers.
Wide eyes, unsure.
Wrung hands, stainless steel,
clouded eyes.
Frantic knocking.
Deep gulps of air.

© 2007 Amanda
9th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY


Nature is at Peace

As I sit swaying on a swing,
The shinning sun warms the earth,
My face is warmed like the sand on the beach,
My shoulders are heated and it flows to the rest of me.
Now my entire body is like a warm stone in the summer,
But it is December.
My black attire absorbs all the heat as I sway slowly and silently on my swing.
I hear the ocean of rustling leaves when a breeze passes,
And the refreshing air touches my cheeks in a gentle way.
I hear the distant sound of power tools and a lawn mower,
The scatter of leaves when an animal scurries about,
And the sweet chirps of birds,
Some fast and sweet, while others rattle on with their melody like in a tropical paradise.
I look up and see a beautiful blue sky, like a robin’s egg,
The few white clouds looked as though they were pulled at the sides, like a fog,
And the brightness of the sun, so great it is impossible to look at.
With each breeze the blades of grass move ever so slightly if not at all,
And the remaining leaves act like flags in the wind.
My nose smells nothing other than the fresh air which lightens a soul and opens one’s lungs so
they feel renewed.
The beauty of nature makes you want to fall asleep right there in the warmth of the sun,
And the natural feeling your body is flourished in.
Nature is at peace.

© 2007 Amanda
10th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY


[untitled pantoum]

The first snowflakes have fallen
A glistening white blanket covers the ground
The air is crisp and the scent is clean and brisk
Winter has finally arrived
A glistening white blanket covers the ground
I feel a sense of tranquility
Winter has finally arrived
It is by far the greatest time of the year
I feel a sense of tranquility
The air is crisp and the scent is clean and brisk
It is by far the greatest time of the year
The first snowflakes have fallen

© 2007 Chelsea
10th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY

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February 2007


Hulub blue I kiss a shoe you kissed a shoe and the shoe went moo. You went moo I went moo we went moo. The shoe was a cow and I went eew!! I kissed a knee and said neee and then I kissed a wall and then that was all.

© 2007 Aleya
2nd Grade
Echo Mountain Primary School - Pheonix, AZ

Icey Stream Haiku

Icey waters wind;
Splashing 'round boulders and bends;
Cloudless skies glisten.

© 2007 Abby
5th Grade
Benton Elementary - Benton, ME


Harold Shore was fast asleep,
Harold Shore sleeps very deep.
So he didn't hear his fingers creep,
off his hands in one big heap.

Silently, they crossed the floor,
and slipped undetected out the door.
They wer bored with just bending, they wanted more.

Like a cruise or plane trip, they needed to soar!
To relieve those sore points,
and loosen those stiff joints.

But, most of all, they wanted to be free, to see all there was to see.

Being fingers on a hand was hard work, with a big demand!

The palm was sweaty and it stank, and the things it touched could be rather rank!

Nails and thorns, branches and goat horns.
All of which maimed and cut the fingers.
It hurt them so, as few ever know.
Those poor, poor little fingers!

When they wanted to sing, they were bound by a ring.
It choked and hurt them, and burdeneed them with many a weighty gem.

But it was times like these, when they could laugh with ease, as happy little fingers.

© 2007 Stefan
6th Grade
Wooland Hills - Lawton, OK


It opens with the morning shine,
With petals of its own design,
With colors from around the world,
It roots into the muddy ground,
And down it goes,
Far down below,
So deep that no one can see,
The truth behind the beauty

© 2007 Kendall
9th Grade
Central Catholic High School - Modesto, CA

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March 2007

There was a 2-way tie for the K-2 poem category.


Once there was a girl,
She didn't say anything.
She always played the bells,
Ding, Ding, Ding!

She was my friend,
She just said how she was and
All was silent.
Then a monster came by and

© 2007 Christina
Grade K
Kings Mill Elementary- Kings Mill, OH


The Emperor Penguin

The little Emperor Penguin warms his feet with his Dad's heat

He stands on his Father's feet

My Dad just can't be beat

He helps me feel the
warmth and heat

Boy I have the very best seat!

© 2007 Jake
2nd Grade
Rosenwald Dunbar Elementary - Nicholasville, KY


jam to the beat
they know how to rock sweet
you see them in a crowd of fun

© 2007 Emma
5th Grade
Belle Valley - Erie, PA

End to February

               The Sun rises.
               The air is brisk.
               It's the end of
               Snow slowly melts
               on the playground,
               on the roof,
               in the yard,
               between my fingers.
               Everything is wet.
               Everything is icy,
               and snow-covered
               and damp.
               It's brisk,
               almost cold.
               It sounds like the
               end of
               Birds begin to chirp,
               Cheep, Cheep, Cheep.
               Everything drips,
               Everything is noisily
               Spring is almost here.

                 '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '
                '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '
                    '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '
                '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '  '
               (my own March rain shower)

© 2007 Carly
6th Grade
West Springfield - Springfield, VA


It’s the day after Valentine’s Day
February 15
The roses have wilted
The card is in the trash
The chocolates
He gave
Made me fat

Valentine’s Day
So much for that

I wanted
A candlelight dinner
Or a diamond ring
But instead
He broke up with me

Valentine’s Day
So much for that

© 2007 Ashely
9th Grade
Surry Early College High School of Design - Siloam, NC

Blue, Red, Yellow

Cold winter night freezes the blood
stops the symmetrical flow, stops time
glittering snow...blue, red, yellow
changes slowly over time to unknown
challenge the red, blue will attack
but challenge a black and blue will sleep
whispers in the wind change the beat
smearing the blues, reds, and yellows
into black nothingness
as slowly as the picture is painted
seconds it takes to destroy
cold winters cold summers
cold April cold September
freezes blood statues hearts

© 2007 Burton
Undergraduate - College
Alice Lloyd College- Pippa Passes, KY

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April 2007

There was a 3-way tie for the K-2 poem category.



© 2007 Madison
1st Grade
Stone Oak Elementary - San Antonio, TX


Thunder Storm

               crash Rumble booming Snap!
               wind blowing lightning flashing
               puddles made by the rain
               pidder patter pitter patter
               rain is falling down
               then a big BOOM sound came
               I hid under my warm blanket
               I heard the last
               pidder patter of the rain
               then it was quiet
               we all could hear a little mouse
               creeping through the window
               Crrrrek crrrrek it was quiet
               then I fell asleep.

© 2007 Marrgaret
2nd Grade
Randall Elementry School- Waukesha, WI


George Washington and the Delaware River

Patriots marching in the rain,
Feeling tons of pain,
Crossing icy waters in boats,
Fighting British red-coats.

© 2007 Brett
2nd Grade
Pleasant Valley Elementary - Reno, NV

There was a 4-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.

The Sea

The sea is red with blood.
The sea is black with oil.
The sea is green with filth.
The sea is blue with no splashes.
The sea is water with no waves.
The sea is smooth.
The sea is a flat rock with no scratches.
The sea is a blue stone that is smooth and calm.

© 2007 Brooke
4th Grade
T.C Walker - Gloucester, VA



Even though outside is cold and snowy
Inside my safe home is warm
The little flower I'm growing
Is starting to bloom
It's the little spring I have
In my room

© 2007 Grace
5th Grade
Prairie Elementary - Waukesha, WI


Favorite Night

The snow is
on a cold winter night
fire in the fireplace
dancing away
on the couch sipping milky
hot chocolate
reading an adventurous book
next to a warm, fuzzy puppy
bundled up with blankets
and humongous stuffed animals
hopefully, tomorrow
will be a snow day !!

© 2007 Katie
5th Grade
Hamden Hall Country Day School- Hamden, CT


The Forest

I look in the forest,
Its trees so tall,
It saddens my heart,
To see them fall

The chainsaw men
Make such a sound
When I go back,
There are no trees around

I started to boycott paper
To stop them from cutting down trees
But after awhile I noticed,
They didn't pay much attention to me.

© 2007 Joel
4th Grade


I can feel the smooth wind blow, as the sound of hoof beats
trail off along the
lake shore where i can see white waters shift from left to
right and north to
south and i'm riding
bare-back on a wild, black mustang at sun set gripping his
mane as we fly across
the sand and slow down to watch the last shift of waves
and the sun go down. And
i walk home watching him gallop away to come back tomorrow
for our next journey
across the land.

© 2007 Shayna
6th Grade
Pleasant Valley Elementary - Reno, NV

There was a 2-way tie for the 9-12 poem category.


I’m lying on a hilltop, the leaves rustling against me.
The moon cracks through the clouds,
And casts a circle of brief light on me.
Reaching for it and fruitlessly giving up,
I rest my head somberly to the tune of a fiddler.
Someone I met a long time ago plays my favorite tune.
Looking around I see no one.
But the music continues, as the leaves dance to its serenity.

© 2007 Scott
10th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY


The Story of the Bronco Kid

In the town there was a man
With fire in his breath and hate in his hand
He sits in the saloon, with an evil stare
With an evil grin, and ugly glare

When an ol’ towns man come tumblin’ in
The evil man did an evil sin
Shot the man, heard throughout the land
With the hate in his heart and hate in is hand.

Here comes ol’ sheriff hound
Took the man right to the ground
He said undertaker dig a hole
’Cause he’ll be swinging on the gallows pole

So he just sit there on death row
Awaiting his faith on the gallows pole

He said
I don’t want no pity
Don’t want no sighs
Just pull me up
and let me die

‘Cause the man had virtues, the man had soul
He knew he had to die on the gallows pole

Hangman, Hangman
Hangman comin’ down
Hangman comin’ down today
Down on to the ground

Don’t want to be shot with a bang
Just string me up and let me hang

Hangman, Hangman
Hangman comin’ down
Hangman comin’ down today
Down on to the ground

So they took him down to the gallows
Where the barrel’s ready to go
Ready for the man to die today, down at the gallows pole

So the undertaker gave him one last chance
Just apologize and say
Sorry we’ll let you go
And you don’t have to die today

He said,
That man was good
that man was fine
That man’s life I stole
And I still have mine
So string me up and let me go
Down at the gallows pole

So they did what he wished, the man they did hang
He never was shot with no bang
This story was true
He did what he did

This is the story of the Bronco Kid

© 2007 Josh
10th Grade
Clearwater High School - Clearwater, FL

Fall of an empire

Sleep, dear citizens, for eyes are weary
Be not concerned with the hardships ahead
Be tranquil, dear citizens, not dreary
Delight in it now, for it soon is dead.
For men of honor and rank are scheming
Desiring power, betraying trust
And while you retire in safety, dreaming
They strive to quench their political lust.
When barred are the doors, the demon awakes
To feed on its global secrets and fear
The just constitution it will remake
To mutate the things you once held so dear.
O democracy, which was once so grand!
If her legs are broken, how will she stand?

© 2007 Madeline
Radford University - Radford, VA

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May 2007

There was a 3-way tie for the K-2 poem category.

(with help from magnetic poetry)

the monster sometimes plays ball
with my brother at night
in the clouds
all day long
above my housey

© 2007 Chandler
2nd Grade
Pleasant Valley - Reno, NV


My Rain Poem

Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver drops.
Let the rain sing you a lullaby.
The rain makes pools on the sidewalk.
The rain makes running pools in the gutter.
The rain plays a little sleep-song on our roof at night.
It helps me go to sleep.
I love the rain.

© 2007 Natalie
2nd Grade
The Potomac School/Lower School - McLean, VA



Red, blue, green.
Every color in between.
Bursting color,
With every line,
Now let's invent
And design.

© 2007 Stephanie
2nd Grade
Indian Hollow - Commack, NY

There was a 2-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.


A sweet honey sound fills the air,
It is low and soft and quiet.
Carefully strumming his new guitar sits the little Jojo Popper.
A new song for the mice and the birds
Sitting in his favorite chair,
He plays a song for the mice and the birds, a song for the mice and the birds.

© 2007 Ariella
Age 10
Journeys School - Jackson, WY



A windy day is like a giant fan
in a windy current going around.
      The birds chirping is like a whistle blown in my ear.
      The trees swaying back and forth back and forth is like a
giant, soundless, wind chime.
      But most important is my hair dancing in the wind as I stand
in the grass looking at the

© 2007 Shelby
4th Grade
Wrightsville Beach Elementary - Wrightsville Beach, NC

The Bathroom

The bathroom is a palace,
That is made just for me.
It's a super duper water park,
Where I can go for free.

The toilet is my royal throne,
The bath tub is my boat.
As I sit among its waters,
Where my rubber duckies float.

The sink is my drinking fountain,
It's actually quite nice.
There are little blobs of fur in it,
That look like hairy mice.

As you can tell by my story,
The bathroom is a special place to be.
The bathroom is a palace,
That is made especially for me.

© 2007 Wendy
6th Grade
Greenport Elementary - Greenport, NY

When I’m alone

Isolated from the world.
Depressed-- as a deflated balloon at a birthday party
Forlorn-- as a thorn on a beautiful rose
Unwelcome. Grim.  Bleak.  And dismal.
My mind is Kansas and loneliness is the tornado come to take Dorothy away.

Abandoned in mindset.
My thoughts are frozen in their place.
My synapses breathe a wintry wind across the plains of Kansas
While that deflated balloon tumbles along
And all the while funeral music plays in the background.

Detached from my body.
That single thorn pierces my heart--
Broken wishes litter the landscape, like debris
Left from the tornado that ripped all feeling from my mind
And apathy fills my lungs like need.

Lonely with my wounded pride--

Reality walks in-- along with life-- and the blood rushes back to my face.

© 2007 Brittany
10th Grade
Wakefield High - Raleigh, NC

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June 2007


I bit an apple and what do you think?
My wobbly tooth came out in a wink!
If I put it under my pillow at night,
will the tooth fairy come when I turn out the light?

© 2007 Jada
2nd Grade
Rivers Edge Elementary - Port St. Lucie, FL

There was a 2-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.


McDonald's is your kind of place! (clap,clap)
They serve you rattlesnakes, (clap,clap)
Frenchfries between your toes, (clap,clap)
Hamburgers up your nose! (clap, clap)
The last time that I was there,
they stole my underwear!
McDonald's is your kind of place!

© 2007 Rita
4th Grade
E.B. Reyna Elementary - Mission, TX



   The waves as blue as your eyes
   As beautiful as can be
   The sound of the ocean
   As soothing as your voice
   The sand so warm
   Just like your touch
   When I'm alone I go to the ocean
   The sand so warm
   The sound of the ocean
   The waves so blue
   Makes you when you are not there
© 2007 Amber
5th Grade
Coolspring - Michigan City, IN


The small photo album
has a big heart opening
and there it was
my family standing
tall and proud.

Memories are coming back
like a movie
without sound.
We were squished
to be able
to fit in that heart.

I was in the middle
with my hair down,
beside me was my father
who was twice my height,
my mother who seems
to be having a great time,
and my brother
who was still chubby.

We’re all smiling
knowing it was
the first and last
we would be that close.

We belonged,
we owned
that heart.

© 2007 Lai Wa
Middle School
IS 89 - New York City, NY

There was a 4-way tie for the 9-12 poem category.

The Speech

File folders, pens, expandos, paper
Highlighters, scissors, where's the stapler?
Evidence, evidence, evidence
When will all this make sense?

Prepare for the eight minute speech
Impress the judges and 1st place is within reach
Do not let the downpour of unwanted stress
Inundate and halt the growth of success

Posture, word economy, eye contact, style
Simply put, make the presentation worthwhile
Facts and knowledge dance on the lips
Convincing all skeptics, their doubts are eclipsed

Applause, brief smiles, the time ticks away
As the ballot controllers decide who goes and who stays
In the pot of winners, in the top three
Drops of sweat indicate increasing anxiety

Hard work pays off, soon to be realized
Looking at the trophy, everyone is mezmerized
Yippee! Hurray! Congratulations on a job well done
But the next tournament is just around the corner, and it's back to step one

File folders, pens, expandos, paper
Highlighters, scissors, where's the stapler?

© 2007 Neha
12th Grade
John Foster Dulles High School - Sugar Land, TX


Mixed Emotions

You creature
I miss you so
Just skin and bone
Deeply that
How could you ever
Each time you pass I
Treat me that way your
Wish for the moment that
Less than meaningful words
Things would
Are not your only mistake
Surrender to what they
Backed up with superficial emotions
Were and I become
Drowned in your lies its
Lonely without
Like fire and water your
Exchanging subtle smiles
Disagreeing beyond doubt
You called me your friend
I call you my foe

© 2007 Marisa
9th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY


Caught in the Act

Across the classroom,

On his desk,

In his test,

Lays the answer I do not know.

By the teacher,

Across the floor,

Beyond the chalkboard,

Over the desk next to mine comes the answer.

Under my desk I pick it up,

Above my head the teacher stands.

In the pit of my stomach butterflies fly.

On my face I attempt a sorrowful grin.

In my teachers heart there was no pity.

Out of the class

To the dean.

© 2007 Matt
9th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY


Like a Secret

The garden
Is like a secret.
And if you listen,
You will hear the voices of the daisies and the roses,
Whispering to you invitingly.
The dazzling colors cause you to gasp,
And for an instant
Time stops completely
Allowing you to just listen
To the serene sigh of the flowers,
Swaying in the spring wind
Coaxing in a new morning.

© 2007 Samantha
10th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY

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July 2007


A boy picked up a shoe.
The cow said moo.
The owl said hoo.
A boy said boo.
The rooster said cock-a-doodle-doo.
A motorcycle said voom voom voom.
How are you?
The baby said guy guy goo goo.
The dragon said I am going to eat you.

© 2007 Cameron
1st Grade
Fairview Elementary - Monroe, NC

Sunshine the butter fly girl

Along with the wind Sunshine playfully swings spending her day caught up in magical dreams
whooshing through the air as if she had wings pretending butterflies could actually sing she
pictures them flying on colorful notes and up in the clouds they magically float creating
wonderful thoughts Sunshine is never alone for she lives in a world that is all her own

©2007 Casey
5th Grade
John Small - Washington, NC


I took one last breath
before the move that was hard
I landed crash thud

one tear escaped
and I got back up ready
I breathed once more

with a pretty pose
breath I will try yet again
on the beam I land

© 2007 Cassidy
8th Grade


she wore her hair in bows that day
the day of the seventeenth of may
the clouds rested on her shoulders
with a broken voice to match
the beat of this beating heart
what a picturesque day
we went hand in hand till dawn
I can see her face in the setting sun

embrace such a fragile face
the gist of her blue eyes
is an ocean of emptiness

she said without a moment’s breath
”take my hand and lead me through the dark”
she said...
i gave her a static kiss
as these emotions lingered on her lips

watch us perform this
vanishing act

we left this town
and gave these walls a story to tell
visitors come and go
but they never really know

how we spoke in a code
filled with x's and o's

© 2007 Steven
12th Grade
DuBois Area High - DuBois, PA

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