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Welcome to the student poems of the month! We have up to five "Poems of the Month," one each for the K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grades plus sometimes one for those who are college level or graduates. Did you miss out on some of last year's poems? You can visit the archives to catch what you missed.

Get your poems for next month in now! Only original poems received in the month previous will be eligible for Poem of the Month for the current month. We are getting so many wonderful submissions it is hard to choose! If you submitted last month and weren't selected you are welcome to try again this month. You can send poems to us by clicking here.

August 2007

No poems were selected this month.

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September 2007

When it rains outside:

When it rains outside it's cold and
But that doesn't bother Mickey,
My pet
She'll run out side with no care,
and we can't find her
We call to her Mickey, Mickey where
Can she be.
Under the house? Up in a tree?
Mickey, my cat was out all night.
She surely gave us a terrible fright.

© 2007 Zolie
2nd Grade
PS 266 - Bellerose, NY

There was a 2-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.

The Night Sky

I crawl into bed
and look out my window.
I see the night sky.
It's like the soft blanket
that tucks me at bedtime.
I gaze into the sky and...
fall asleep.

© 2007 Gabrielle
4th Grade
Batesville Intermediate School - Batesville, IN



He's an agent,a beagle,
an adult so he's legal,
patrol sleuth,
and he has an eye like an eagle.

© 2007 Kendall
4th Grade
New Market Elementary - New Market, AL


A girl walks down the street in California with her house key twirling on her finger suddenly swings off and lands on the ground.

As she reaches down and touches the key a gun shoots off in Philadelphia as soon as the bullet hits a man in the chest.

As he falls to the ground you can hear a crying baby in Boston in a hotel room wanting her bottle.

Cars brake in Illinois, tears falling, and bombs go off in IRAQ.


© 2007 Dawn
Age 13
Freedom Elementary - St. Roberts, MO

No poems were selected for the 9-12 category.

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October 2007


The cricket was chirping at a star
Wishing he could jump very far.
He jumped so high he bumped his eye
In the sky.

© 2007 Dawson
Age 6
Capshaw Elementary - Cookeville, TN

There was a 3-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.

Sparkling eyes

Sparkling eyes flow as the ocean wave
Sparkling eyes are so beautiful
Sparkling eyes shine like the sun
Sparkling eyes are like the shiny gold
Sparkling eyes are the color pink
Sparkling eyes are like a colorful butterfly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

© 2007 Earl
4th Grade
School #4 - Belleville, NJ


The Evil Thing!!!

The evil thing is a gruesome beast
Unliving flesh it loves to feast
Its two headed thing you don't wish to greet
One head sucks your blood
One head chews your meat
It carries its babies on an egg on its back
The babies are hungry when it hatches for a snack
So the evil thing kept some poor victims alive
For the babies to eat when their birthdays arrive
But don't worry, don't cry
Please don't have a fit
The evil thing is not real unless you think about it

© 2007 Nicole
4th Grade
School #4 - Belleville, NJ



it is fall fall in to my arms

© 2007 Tessa
5th Grade
East End - Middlesboro, KY


I am from boiled peanuts soft with a flare. From crunchy kettlechips, and three musketeer bars(the only candy I can eat with my braces.)

I am from old Cosby Show, Full House and Fresh Prince reruns on from 9 to 12.

I am from smelly fumes from painting, and the soft smell of making home made pizza with my dad, and eating all the cookie dough with my mom before it reached the oven.

I am from writing my name on school supplies on the cold hard chair of the hospital waiting room waiting to see if my papa would win the battle with cancer.

I am from leaving school early in my flowery pink dress to go to my grandpa's visitaton because I am too wimpy to go to the funeral.

I am from Star Wars and Spiderman and other heroic comic book figures.

I am from dressing up in beautiful dresses and bows for something as simple and stupid as a spelling bee.

I am from the sweet smell of honeysuckle lotion put in a lady bug decorated container that was rubbed on me from head to toe after every bath.

I am from the memories and family who made me who I am today with a half mind and a full heart.

© 2007 Amanda
8th Grade
Scott Johnson Middle School - McKinney, TX

The Nature of My Friend

As she sits in the grass, lying in wait
Shining in the sun
Beauty deceiving
Calling you closer to the inevitable
Hiding the deeds she has done
As you get closer
As the mouth opens wider
The Truth is revealed
Deception lies in the place
Lying open now with the venom of truth dripping down its fangs
It's now ready to strike
To wound and disable
You are hers now
Never yourself again between the fangs of the beast

© 2007 Cassandra
11th Grade
Waynesville High School - Waynesville, MO

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November 2007

There was a 2-way tie for the K-2 poem category.






© 2007 Madison
1st Grade
Pat Henry Elementary - Lawton, OK



My socks are red.My shirt is green.I have nothing in between.

© 2007 Alyssa
2nd Grade
Hiland Creek - Charlotte, NC

There was a 2-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.


When I stepped out of my cozy house I saw the perfectly leveled white snow so I didn't wany to step on it. I saw the bare boughs of a tree swaying gently in the lightly blowing current. I saw my little puppy dog frantically chasing snowflakes coming down from the gloomy gray sky. How Cute. :) I heard the mammoth snow plows rumbling down the thoroughfare like angry bulls as they collected all the snow. I heard people laughing and playing joyfully in in the beautiful whiteness. I heard my dog barking at the snowflakes like they were aliens meandering down from outerspace and alighting on the chilly earth. I heard people delightfully singing Christmas carols door to door in my neighborhood. I wondered if they were going to sing for my music loving family? :) I felt the bitterly stinging cold as I threw snowballs as hard as I could at my friends. I felt the rigid, frosty icicles as I tried to break them out from our family car. I felt my feet tingling as they thawed out when I put them by the crackling, warm fire. I felt the steaming warmth from the hot chocolate my loving Mom made for me. :) Winter days are my favorite things. :)

© 2007 Emma
5th Grade
Kirksville Elementary - Richmond, KY


[excerpt from untitled poem]

If I had to choose you or the sun I'd be one nocturnal son of a gun.

© 2007 Trystin
4th Grade
Lawton, OK

There was a 2-way tie for the 6-8 poem category.

Tanka: Children

Children already
In the open school courtyard
Playing and laughing
In the undisturbed flowers
That signal new beginning

© 2007 Kenneth
6th Grade
Inman Middle School - Paris, TN


Captain Monroe

Try as he might,
Captain Monroe could not fight the stormy seas that night.
The waves crashing,
Against his boat they were thrashing.
The wind blowing hard,
Very, very hard.

Captain Monroe was a bailing,
The water that came on board while a sailing.
But, try as he might,
Captain Monroe could not fight the stormy seas that night.

It was a full moon that night,
It was an eerie night alright.
Monroe stroked his beard
And said, “Oh dear.”
Captain Monroe steered frantically,
But, try as he might,
Captain Monroe could not fight the stormy seas that night.

Monroe figured this would be his last night.
The captain was right,
A large piece of driftwood
Poked into Monroe's boat's wood.

Water quickly poured through.
Monroe yelled, “No!” through and through.
But, try as he might,
Captain Monroe could not fight the stormy seas that night.

Down, down, down sank the boat that night.
Monroe didn't make a sound again that night.
Now everyone knows the story of Captain Monroe
And how he sank, yes, yes, good old Monroe,
And how try as he might,
Captain Monroe could not fight the stormy seas that night.

© 2007 Karson
6th Grade
Odom Academy - Beaumont, TX

I am Me

I am a shining star dancing in the darkness.
I am a child who knows the true meaning of happiness.

I am a cloud gliding lazily through the sky.
I am an answer, guiding the people who ask "why"?

I am a butterfly spreading my wings for the first time.
I am a poet waiting for a rhyme.

I am the push that gives people strength and hope.
I am someone who has lost something and is learning how to cope.

I am an empty diary searching for a story.
I am an explorer looking for new found glory.

I am a flower opening like a treasure.
I am a bright rainbow after stormy weather.

I am a painting and everyone sees something else in me.
I am a girl who knows who she is and exactly who she wants to be.

© 2007 Anusheh
10th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY

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December 2007


Shadow through
The winter sun.
Stays close to me.
It watches where I go.
My shadow is the shadow,
Of a giant on the snow.

© 2007 Amaria
2nd Grade
Raisinville Elementary - Monroe, MI

No poems were selected for the 3-5 category.

Used-To-Be Me

The smiles erupt
On the girl's little face
Eyes spilling delight
There's no sad in the place
Cheeks rosy and full
She lets out a squeal
Covers her mouth
As if that weren't real

And I sit and I watch her
As she laughs in pure glee
And my head swims in remembrance
Of how I used to be
So happy and perfect
Like that rosy cheeked girl
That sits right across the room
Living in her own care-free world

I don't talk
I just see
With peering eyes
I realize
I've been looking
At the 5-year-old me

© 2007 Maria
8th Grade
Commack Middle School - Commack, NY


In a lonely forgotten alleyway
The shadows of darkness lie.
On the cold cobblestone floor,
The putrid stench of bloodshed.
There lies young girl with silent tears and muffled sobs,
Pleading for mercy as the pain surrounds her.
The color fading from her rosy cheeks is working on her eyes.

Plunge after Plunge,
Tear after Tear,
She is thrown to the Ground,
As cold as their hearts.
They leave her, hurt and alone.
She meant nothing to them,
Just another easy score.

She lets go of her heart,
And it plummets to the floor beside her.
Pain flashes in a young girl’s eyes
As she shamefully realizes what she has become.
Her innocence lost,
Hopes and dreams gone, worthless,
Her spirit fades away.

An unwanted soul implants itself
Beneath her broken heart,
Filling her gut with pain and nausea.
Remembering that dreadful night
And the sleepless nights then on,
She cries herself to the first sleep she has had since.

When people notice more than just the swell of tears,
They shine no mercy upon her troubled soul,
Even her loved ones abandon her,
No sympathy given for her disgrace.

Once again she is left alone to bear
The burden of an accidental life,
Destroying her own.
Despite what they all say,
She knows what has to be done.
Avoiding accusing glares
And cold pitiless eyes,
She runs.

She comes across a place of darkness, emptiness,
And the cold chill of loneliness.
She stands before an alleyway,
The place where she wasted away,
Turned to dust.
She silently pulls a metal coat hanger from her sleeve,
The one that held her outside tall and proud,
As her insides churned in fear.
It is her only escape from a life of wretchedness.

She gazes upon her fearful reflection in the dingy metal
That gives off just a glimmer of light,
Just enough hope for a new beginning.

With silent tears and muffled sobs,
She forces herself to plunge and plunge,
Again and again.
It’s all over, another vulnerable soul whisked away.

In the silence of her tormented relief
She whispers, to the world and to herself,
“I am not a criminal.”

© 2007 Amanda
10th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY

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January 2007

rain drops.rain drops plip plop.

They dance like dancing pants!
When they drop it sounds like plip plop drop plip plop drop!

© 2008 Quinn
2nd Grade
Crocker Elementary - Ankney, IA

There was a 2-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.


Penguins sliding penguins riding on the slippery ice. Penguins dancing penguins prancing on the frozen snow. Penguins fishing penguins shifting in the freezing water. Penguins eating penguins reading in the twilight sky. Penguins sleeping all around all through the night.

© 2008 Theo
4th Grade
Chandler - Pasadena, CA


Just a Yummy,Yummy World

It's just a yummy,yummy world on Earth because everything is made of chocalate!"Mmmmm" as I am licking my arm,a chocolate tundra is raining melted chocolate into a storm.I have to hurry up and go into my brown,peanut coated house.As I'm walking down the sidewalk,I see a chocolate mouse.It's finally nighttime,and I see the chocolate moon,it will be time to go to bed,soon!I change to my white chocolate night clothes,and scrub the peanut bumps off of my chocolaty nose.And while I hear the door close,I say I'm just a lucky girl in just a yummy,yummy world.

© 2008 Kelsy
5th Grade
Lincoln Heights Elementary - Cincinnati, OH


Deep blue crystal pearls
Gracefully, steadily, gradually,
Down down the hill

Waterfalls cascade and descend
Rushing, flowing, gushing
Tiny droplets torrent down

Waves washing to the shore
Tumbling, rolling, rumbling
Beads of liquid swaying everywhere

Reflections swirling in the ponds
Spraying, squirting, spurting
In a haze of showered mist

Streams of wetness dashing around
Oceans bucketing, pouring, falling
Currents hammering to the ground

Raging through rivers
Trickling down eyes
Drenching emotions within you

Drops of anger
Bits of love
Tears of passion from deep inside

Little portions of beauty
Covering the world

© 2008 Roshni
8th Grade
Commack Middle School - Commack, NY

Soot and Dust and Patches

Forgotten in a dark corner,
Covered up in soot, threadbare clothes and patches,
A ragged doll hides in a shadow,
Silent as she watches.

Abandoned by a dream,
Ashes stain her once-rosy cheeks,
Ashes of what used to be,
Once upon a time.

If you were to one day stumble
Upon this pitiful sight,
You'd see the dust and patches,
Reminders of the past.

With no one left but spiders
Weaving webs of lies,
The lonesome ragged doll looks up,
Searching for what used to be,
Once upon a time.

She stares out the murky window,
Where the sun struggles to break in,
Patches of blue and white and purple,
Mock her with a yellow grin.

When the skies begin to bleed,
Crimson sunset of sorrow,
The ragged doll goes to sleep,
Eternal slumber — till morrow.

She sits in her corner, erect,
Holding to her pride.
Yet a straggler would see
Her soul as nothing more
Than the abyss of neglect.

No one would ever mind
What was buried in her history.
No one would ever see those eyes
Containing so much mystery.

So if you were to one day stumble
Upon this pitiful sight,
Mind that you won't see but soot and ashes,
Dust and webs and patches,
And a scar over her heart.

© 2008 Maria
12th Grade
Dulles High School - Sugar Land, TX

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February 2008

I am my own self

I am my own self
there is no one like me
because i like horses and
you like birds
we are far from the same
because i am my own self

© 2008 Cassidy
2nd Grade
APS - Corrales, NM

There was a 2-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.

the eraser poem.

the eraser poem
the eraser poe
the eraser po
the eraser p
the eraser
the erase
the eras
the era
the er
the e

© 2008 Alytse
3rd Grade
Hallman Elmentry School - Salem, OR



The wind whispers a moonless night

     something has taken away
     the moon I am lost in a moonless
     night with whispering trees
     OOps I knock into one
     scratching the windows
     it is the best night

                      ha!HA! I scared YOU!
                      this has been The darkness

© 2008 Cheyenne
3rd Grade

Jacob’s Eyes

His radiant eyes glistening up at my eyes,
Wondrous and still as stone.
A pale, pale blue, like a cloudless sky.
His thoughts are still unknown.

Questions and thoughts fill up his brain,
Things he wants to ask,
But confusing questions they remain
As everyone carries on a task.

But baby Jacob doesn’t care.
He leaves and then begins to play,
His eyes gentle and so very fair.
His questions unanswered, at least for today.

So many things he wants to know:
How to talk, how to walk, how to fly?
So many feelings he cannot show,
Except through his light blue eyes.

His radiant eyes glistening up at my eyes,
Wondrous and still as stone.
A pale, pale blue, like a cloudless sky.
One day his thoughts will be known?

© Brittany
7th Grade
Manchester Middle School - Midlothian, VA


He did not die in pain
On the streets of New York
Because I sharpened again
My rusty plastic Spork

She did not fight at all
On that freezing summer night
For I got her with my
Buttered down, butter knife

Neither of these killed
Or harmed in anyway
When I went out on
My killing spree that day

You can’t call it killing
And you can’t call it a spree
Being a killer, I’m not the best
So let’s just call it
A total bruise fest

So I’m coming to your house one night
To tie you up with twizzlers
And torture your eyes
With little firework sizzlers

I'll rip your teddy bear apart
And feel real bad
And sew it back together
Because I don’t have the heart

I can’t do this
I’m not the man
So I’ll go back
To driving the ice cream van

© Tad
9th Grade
Stonewall Jackson High School - Quicksburg, VA

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March 2008

There was a 2-way tie for the K-2 poem category.


There once was a girl, she loved to drink carrot juice. Her mom used to joke around, “If you drink any more carrot juice, you`ll turn orange.” The girl said, “yeah right!” So she drank another glass, and she turned orange! ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR MOM!

© 2008 Sierra
Grade K



On the street Mashvill, there lived a kid named Shoe. He was shaped like a shoe. He stepped on people that got in his way. One day I saw him. He stepped on my face! Then he grew even bigger! And bigger, and bigger, and bigger! Then I saw a huge man. His name was Dan! He put is foot in the shoe. Then Dan the man took Shoe for a walk of death. Then Dan the man and Shoe got lost! They were never seen again, until Toy the boy saw Dan the man and Shoe lost in a cave. Toy the boy gave them some toys. Toy the boy took them out of the cave. Then he said “See ya later alligator!” Dan the man said, “After a while crocodile.” Then they lived happily ever after.

© 2008 Alex
2nd Grade

There was a 3-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.


Dancing when you sleep
Often in your way
Little and hard to see
Lives in your dollhouse
Shy and quiet

© 2008 Sashini
4th Grade
Hunters Woods Elementary School - Herndon, VA


Swinging Through the Jungle

Swinging through the jungle, feeling so humble and through to the door crawling on the jungle floor slithering like a snake with your shiny tree-like cape flashing in with a sin listening for a “SPIN!”; Hear that noise? What's that sound?!... IT'S TARZAN! NO IT'S A CHIMP! NO,NO,NO! IT'S A MONKEY!! A monkey,monkey,monkey,monkey! What’s that? Another noise? Maybe it's a cheetah pack, or a gorilla herd, but all I know is I can show how I feel inside, CRAZY KOOKIE like the midnight howlers in the night.

© 2008 Allison
5th Grade
Westview Elementary - Goose Creek, SC


[excerpt from] Cats

The cat is made of liquid steel
silently waiting for its next meal.

© 2008 Clare
4th Grade
San Gabriel - Atascadero, CA

There was a 2-way tie for the 6-8 poem category.


he shut his eyes on stage
he leaned back
he bathed in the light
he let his fingers do the work
they would scatter up and down the frets
effortlessly the whole room
they all gawked at him
he would smile
give a wink
and keep on playing the way he does

© 2008 Shanteé
7th Grade
Maryvale Middle School - Cheektowaga, NY



The rose is for a master, a teacher and a friend,
The magnolia outshines all those in its stead,
The bleeding heart should never be alone,
and they watch as the young girl's Heart slowly turns to stone,

But the water lily lifts her up, healing her open wounds,
And the hibiscus warms her where she stands,
The anemone hugging her
with their soft white hands,

The tulip and honeysuckle,
embracing in a warm yellow bliss,
The wind calling endlessly,
for cherry blossom's kiss

The daisy brings delight and fun,
but where would we be,
If the sunflower,
said we were done?

The fuchsia's sight cannot be shone,
yet it even envelops the lily and The dandelion,
in how far it has grown,

And all these souls come together,
and the girl,
never lets go of those souls

© 2008 Sandra
8th Grade
Postlethwait Middle School - Dover, DE

Welcome to High School

A ring so clear, it’s heard in every ear,
in every ear that is able to hear,
the punctual bell that starts each day,
a definite signal that seems to say
Retreat to class! Do not delay,
for the beginning of school is near!

And to this bell, the students react,
by gathering books (which are rarely intact).
They fill up the halls, not a single spot void.
The much needed barrier of personal space destroyed.
They continue to shuffle, many in the mass annoyed,
annoyed by the little distance traveled in fact.

Approaching their long-awaited destination:
a classroom prepared for education,
the students spill in, each occupy their seat,
and scrounge for their homework which they hope is complete.
They lay out their binders on the desk nice and neat,
unexcited to endure the class’s duration.

Some teachers’ lessons are difficult to digest.
Some, with their [d]ittos they are obsessed.
Drone does the teacher, and sleep does the student,
both beings ignorant that they are imprudent.
Yet, reasonable is the dislike of lectures by the student.
More hated is the dreaded quiz or test!

Clear your desks the teacher demands,
Pens should be the only objects in your hands.
Study guides and notebooks slowly disappear.
They are replaced by nervous students, their faces hinting fear.
At last, the exam is distributed, directions are made clear,
and it is written for as long as the student withstands.

After nine long classes, the school day is through.
The students return home (and their teachers do too).
They climb upstairs to their bedrooms, turn on the light,
and finish their homework which takes them all night.
They drift off to sleep, knowing with delight,
that the cycle will repeat the next day anew.

© 2008 Savitha
9th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY

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April 2008

There was a 2-way tie for the K-2 poem category.


football football in the air higher than my grandmothers hair WOW a touchdown could it be ouch oh snap it fell on me Yeah we won oh how fun we won because we played brighter than the sun.

© 2008 Adriana
1st Grade
Hillside Elementary - Livingston, NJ



Umbrellas bloom like flowers on a stream,
Almost everyone I meet is holding one,
I wonder why relatives hold umbrellas upside down?

© 2008 Christian and Christina
2nd Grade
Hodgin Elementary School - Albuquerque, NM

There was a 4-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.


Opening a book
Unwrapping a present
Images creep in to my head
An artist is painting a picture
Eyes fly across the page
Hawk soars in the sky
Excitement gathers
Like money in a couch
Turn to the last page
A ballerina on the stage
Finishing a book
Completing a memory

© 2008 Leah
5th Grade



six carat spots a shiny
outer shell it would break if it fell
oh, loving little
ladybug as precious
you may be
i'll set you on my
diamond ring so you can look at me.

© 2008 Lauren
3rd Grade
Scott School - Salem, OR



Think of all the things you've seen, Think about all the things you will see: flying pigs, dragons flaming, fairies arguing, and wait,... yes I see it now......... a friend,......a friend coming your way.......

© 2008 A.T.
4th Grade



surprised is a volcano of colors
it sounds like an explosion of cheers
it feels like everyone is looking at you
it smells like happy on a plate
it tastes like pudding

© 2008 Emily
5th Grade
Vienna School - Pfafftown, NC

There was a 2-way tie for the 6-8 poem category.



             snow blowing,shoveling,icicles

              snow, chilly, warm, swimming

             snorkling, scuba diving, diving



© 2008 Robin
7th Grade
Middle School North - Lake Zurich, IL



Sweet as sweet can be
She said, she said
And she smiled with glee
As she shook her head
He'll never know it was me
She giggled and turned red

I love you
He read aloud from the note
As he did his curiosity grew
He shook it off and threw on his coat
I guess I'll never know who
And he walked over to a very red girl to gloat

© 2008 Hannah
Age 13
Benjamin Franklin Middle School - Valparaiso, IN

Death of Individuality

I'm mocked.
I'm ridiculed.
I'm what everyone is ashamed to be.
But you are patient.

You teach me and I learn.
You correct what is different.
You introduce me to the world through your eyes.
We become equals.

I'm no longer mocked.
I'm no longer ridiculed.
I'm just like everyone else.
And I disappear into a sea of conformity.

© 2008 Robert
9th Grade
Mualdin High School - Simpsonville, SC

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May 2008


Birds, birds, fluttering in the air
High above the trees without a care
Then perching like a plane
From the tiny hummingbird
To the bold and long-necked crane

© 2008 Maxwell
1st Grade
Clayton Ridge - Guttenberg, IA

There was a 3-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.

The Moonlit Ocean

Silky Ocean glazed and blue
Flying fish look like a rainbow on the silvery ocean
Flying fish go over the moon.
I am a scuba diver
I see a dolphin jump into the silvery moonlit night
It becomes a cormorant and dives back in
Now it's a giant pearl flashing in the waves....
The flying fish bring me the pearl.
A flash! I am awake with the pearl by my side.

© 2008 Jackson
4th Grade
Charles Armstrong - Belmont, CA



The scaly skin of a crocodile,
The nature on the ground,
The winding river of the Nile,
The rock that I have found.

The envy I have felt,
The happiness I have seen,
I feel like doing any thing,
As long as it is is green.

©2008 Amber
5th Grade


[untitled haiku]

Animals Bursting
From the gently swaying grass
Meadow flowers bloom

© 2008 Dallas
5th Grade
Mullin I.S.D - Mullin, TX

There was a 2-way tie for the 6-8 poem category.

Dirge for the Days of Innocence

The infant in his cradle
Is the apple blossom that blooms in May
Untouched by silv'ry frost,
Gilded by the day.

His simple guiltlessness
Is a beacon on Iniquity's raging tide
For the older generation,
Who are sullied by jealousy and pride.

Alas! the blight comes all too soon;
Experience taints Childhood's pure glow;
Life takes the cherub in hand
And roughens him to stone.

The rose that once was in its prime
And delighted the world endlessly
Has now withered away with time—
Wilted and sere for all eternity.

© 2008 Rachel
7th Grade
Falconer School - Kennedy, NY


An Overreaching Night

Awoke one morn
To amber eyes
Through window glass
The purple skies
Whispered of overreaching night
Though day it was
By time not light

Trace the footprints
In white sand
The darkness bright
Throughout the land
A murmuring voice, thus let it be
In tones of glossed

Brick by brick and
Stone by stone
Together we
Are all alone
Wand'ring 'neath a lidless gaze
Through timeless dark
And lightless days

© 2008 Emily
7th Grade
Upper Adams Middle School - Biglerville, PA

There was a 2-way tie for the 9-12 poem category.

Vintage Photographs

Vintage photographs,
The pictures bleeding,
Dull apart from the blood drops,
Smeared across the page,
Red against the old,
Vibrant with the freshness of pain,
Old piano keys turning brown,
Broken and chipping away,
Crimson rose petals lying in solitude,
A run down shed,
Paint starting to chip,
Scarlet rays of the setting sun,
Vivid against the passing memories,
Stronger than the soothing ache,
Pain that runs deep through the blood,
Whispered words not meant to be touched,
Bandaged heart,
Covered with gauze and tape,
Beating feebly against the burning pain,
Love unspoken,
Fantasies left abandoned,
Remembrance only through forgotten photos,
Spilled red wine,
Seeping into shades of gold,
Rusting brown,
And stinging grey,
Lips kept still,
Fingertips bleeding,
Fragile nails against the wood,
Scratching aches into physical hate,
Aging tape that no longer holds,
Bittersweet candy still with wrappers,
Mints striped with red and white,
Kept on desks no longer used,
Only seen in worlds not so close,
In bleeding, vintage photographs.

© 2008 Subin
9th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY



Slyly following every step you take,
Emerging from each inky dark corner,
A veiled figure that stands, your sable wake,
It is yourself but still a foreigner.

The ominous outline of all your sins,
A black cloud intimates your existence,
Where one half ends the other half begins,
Nigh on top of you but still at a distance.

The unseen shaded part of your being,
Its silence says more than sound could hope to say,
A reflection eternally seeing,
Clings to the dark earth where it shall e'er lay.

For every person a shadow is cast,
A blurry remnant of one's clouded past.

© 2008 Arpon
9th Grade
Commack High School - Commack, NY

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