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Welcome to the student poems of the month! We have up to five "Poems of the Month," one each for the K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grades plus sometimes one for those who are college level or graduates. Did you miss out on some of last year's poems? You can visit the archives to catch what you missed.

Get your poems for next month in now! Only original poems received in the month previous will be eligible for Poem of the Month for the current month. We are getting so many wonderful submissions it is hard to choose! If you submitted last month and weren't selected you are welcome to try again this month. You can send poems to us by clicking here.

Summer 2008


The gaze I look
The day has begun will
a shine of light and I
gaze at you and wonder
If you will start gazing at us
a strange look that will start
to work strange.

©2008 Hailey
Mrs. Jannush’s class - CA


I love everything

Everything in the world

The food we eat
The grass under my feet

The apple trees
The cotton tees

The humming birds
The cleansing words

Bees that sting

© 2008 Moniesha
5th Grade
Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School - Bowie, MD

[Two Views]
[1] Black Red, Black, Red

Those are the colors
that go on
in my head,
gone, died, gone, died,
those are the words
that echo inside,
ran out of life,
ran out of breath,
could those be the
reasons for all of
the death?
I miss you, come back,
you're the thing
that I lack,
I miss you,
come back....
come back

[2] [untitled]

Hey, Mom? How do I do this?
Just like this, sweetie!

Hey Mom, can you show me how to...
Sure, hun, no problem!

Mom? Do you know how to do that?
Yep! Just like this!

Mommy? Can you show me how to...
Of course, just like this...

Hey Mom?
What happens after you die?
I-I-I don't know.... Try asking your father....

© 2008 Abbey
6th Grade
Riley Upper Elementary - Livionia, MI

There was a 2-way tie for the 9-12 poem category.

Tryfalin Father

you aint no G

cause you walked out on me and my mama,

cause you were too cheap to shed a couple of dollars,

yeah I understand that relations dont work out but that shouldnt give you the benefit of the doubt,

you said im not your child so leave you be,

yeah i don't look like you but i look like the rest of your family,

you sat my mama down talking about getting an abortion,

momma thinking twice about me and her knees trembling over hesitation,

momma crying saying this is not the same jimmy i grew up with,

momma came to her senses and yelled to the top of her lungs saying im keeping it,

those words drew you crazy,

you started claiming my brother and hes not even your baby,

i was the first child you ever had,

i thought you was a man oh my bad,

momma said dont worry about him cause hes slow,

he has problems in his life little do you know,

okay he has problems but we all have problems but i don't walk around moping the ground waiting for someone to solve them,

now i see why my attitude is so bad,

and why i get so mad,

cause i never had you to comfort me in my past,

i cant trust no man cause i never had that father figure,

because of you i feel like the devil has a gun to my soul ready to pull the trigger,

people talk positive about you but when i think its always something negative,

cause you were never there to help me through my thick and thins,

you aint paid child support for me and my sister now youre in jail,

now i bet you regret not paying child support cause now theyre working you like hell,

betrayal is what im used to you want to know why,

[. . .] you said you wish i would die,

deep down in your heart i know those feelings are true,

i dont care cause im in the world and now its on you.........

© 2008 Tyo'sha
9th Grade
Savannah, GA


His World, My Sun

There are times in our lives
When the fibers of our minds
Are torn and fragile
The things that are there to bind
Are thin and make us blind

I sat upon my bed last night
With plenty of thoughts to contemplate
I felt angry, and I felt alone
But the Divine is there to compensate
He gives me things, and then he takes

Even in his wrath
His love is never far away
He is there, every night and every day
“Please,” I begged, “Do not take him away,
Let his spirit stay”

It has been sixteen long years
But, alas, his day hath come
The Lord took my daddy away
Oh, the things he suffered from
But his life had reached its sum

His body was weak
While his mind was strong
His heart was ailing and his kidney failing
His voice was strung
The Lord decided his purpose was done

Our lives are tested everyday
With our emotions the Devil will toil and play
But will is strong
Confusing thoughts do not stay
He can never make me stray

My heart feels torn in rips and shreds
The mean things that once was said
But he is my daddy, and I his world
But from about, he can see the day I wed
Though I mourn, I know we'll meet again, the day I'm dead

I love my daddy through and through
My daddy never failed to tell me he did too
And in my heart I know that's true
But my daddy's love was there for every one
I was his world, and he my sun

© 2008 Anna
12th Grade
Calhoun County High School - Mt. Zion, WV

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September 2008


My cat is so funny it makes me laugh so much. Sometimes it is weird and funny. It is like a weirdo, I can't stand it! It gets on my nerves! Even though it's really annoying everybody loves to pet it!

© 2008 Yasmina
1st Grade
Mason Elementary - Duluth, GA

There was a 2-way tie for the 3-5 poem category.

The tree of my life

There is a tree on the playground it tells my tale and even though it has no mouth its leaves still wail and when I'm alone swinging on the swings it stays there and watches me do things when I am under the tree I can be free and sometimes it just sits there and talks to me when I'm feeling down I can always go to the tree and as soon as I sit down the tree comforts me but sometimes it is different you see sometimes I am the tree and the tree is me I can say with pride you see I love the tree and the tree loves me

© 2008 Bailey
4th Grade
Mars Hill Elementary - Mars Hill, USA



My brother dont live here no more

He lives across the street

My brother dont live here no more

He only comes to sleep and eat


Like someone did a crime



Thinking about how he could be here every day

But no,

He just goes across the street to play

© 2008 Moniesha
5th Grade
Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School - Bowie, MD

There was a 2-way tie for the 6-8 poem category.

A Reader’s View

Opening a book
Unwrapping a present
Images creep into my head
An artist is painting a picture
Eyes fly across the page
Hawk soars in the sky
Excitement gathers
Like money in a couch
Heart races
An olympic medalist finishes a race
Turn the last page
A ballerina on the stage
Closing a book
Completing a memory

© 2008 Leah
6th Grade



Free is orange
Like foxes running wild
And a bumblebee getting ready to sting
It floats through the stream
It soars through the wind
And the best part is
You don’t know where it ends
It makes me feel free
Like a bird in the trees
Singing a beautiful song just for me
Like a new born deer
Standing up in the breeze
It makes me feel free
Like I said before
It makes me feel free
And even more
My heart is light my feet will soar
Orange is the light within me

© 2008 Tori
6th Grade
Edgewood Middle School - Edgewood, OH

The Hero

The day he came home
she wept.
He presented himself
in form of a box
by the flag
His voice
that of 21 guns
And the president
“We’re proud of your son.”
Now he lives
under white stone
among a myriad
of heroes
like him.
Now she has
his remaining piece
a folded flag

as a reminder
of the housing price
of this beautiful freedom.

And he waits
for the sound of the guns
to welcome another hero


© 2008 Rebekah
9th Grade
Liberty Charter High School - El Cajon, CA

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October 2008

Changing Season

Colors everywhere
The pretty leaves bow my hair
Apples ripen and fall
See the birds fly away
The chipmunks store their nuts
Because they hibernate
Sun goes down early
For daylight savings
People change their clocks around
Autumn is here
I love it!

© 2008 Sydney
1st Grade

The Sea Bed

A mattress of sand
A pillow of seaweed
The cover made of a wave
A dream made of sea
And a nice life long memory

© 2008 Anna
4th Grade
Thomas Edison Elementary - Tonawanda, NY

Loving Vondin

He has a funny laugh
Ha ha
He he
Ho ho
He likes to cuddle up
love love
He is such a funny
playful little guy
eep eep
aw aw
yo yo
I love him so much
lo lo!

© 2008 Sara
6th Grade
Hoover Middle - Tonawanda, NY

go look!

Pits in utter disguise.
Black hole: fall matter down no,
fall up.
In the cotton clouds I dreamed of
sank to the top of my hair,
burnt brown,
I touched it
to blow it away,
but instead I caught a huge chunk
and saw its suffering,
its crusty brown surface,
struck by the lightning it loved
but betrayed
and got hurt
in its own passion,
with sunlight behind it,
traumatized and saddened,
never again to be floating freely,
over our heads,
as an untouchable mist,
but instead
a dreadful
of black sky fallen
from the anger
of its angels.

© 2008 Diana
11th Grade
Aragon High School - San Mateo, CA

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November 2008

Christmas Lune

I love Christmas Day
Snowflakes fall
Santa's reindeer fly.

© 2008 Emily
2nd Grade
Spring House, PA


The snow beneath my boots,

the little crystals placing themselves on my coat.

My friends aiming for our heads laughing with joy,

the hot chocolate creeping down my throat.

The hot fire which I sit in front of warming my whole body, my heavy wet sock with with melted snow.

Somehow my cold hands find my boots and coat again, and out the door I go.

Into the flurry snow!

© 2008 Carly
5th Grade
North Hills Elementary - York, PA

There was a 5-way tie for the 6-8 poem category.

A Passion for Nature

The cool, autumn breeze
Auburn leaves silently dancing,
Weaving through the whistling wind.

Every single day
The sun rises over the midst of dew,
Then sets across the blazing sky.

The running river flows smoothly,
Stirring pebbles, crashing into rocks
And never stopping, always on its way.

The tall, lush evergreens
A canopy of shelter
Holding hands, joining the world.

The small and big creatures of Earth
Merrily stepping to and fro,
Mesmerized by all wonder.

These words, of all beauty,
Everything that creates the world
Is a love, a passion for nature.

© 2008 Wendy
7th Grade
Rachel Carson Middle School - Fairfax, VA


[excerpt from] Mam-Maw

Blonde curly hair,
silver squared glasses,
soft smooth skin. . . .
Remembering her is like remembering
the lyrics to a song.

© 2008 Shelby
8th Grade
North Middle School - Henderson, KY


this is my narrative poem

We pulled up in our black Cadillac
Walking in the old squeaky door
Which they needed to fix
I soon seated myself in a comfortable chair
I heard the shrieks of little children
As if I were in a horror movie
Soon I began to slither down in my chair
Like a snake going for its prey
For I was petrified
Then I heard the most horrifying noise
Drilling and scratching
I sank deeper in my chair
Suddenly it stopped
SWOOSH! the door slung open
Out walked my dear friend Kaylee
Whimpering, blood dripping like a water faucet
Patricia stepped out the door and she called my name
Chills went through my body
I then found myself in the back
In what I called the sleeping chair
Drilling and scratching intensified
Once again it stopped
I found myself walking out with one less tooth

© 2008 Ashley
8th Grade
North Middle School - Henderson, KY



So many clothes
So many socks
Big, warm, heavy boots
Trying to keep warm
We leave the house
Dreading the cold
Like the deer dreading our guns
We enter the fields
Trying to keep quiet
But our four wheelers are loud
And I can’t stop talking
We wait and watch
For a deer to come
I am getting impatient
And the sun is coming up
The sun is now bright
And we see them coming
Across the field they run
They suddenly STOP!
I pull up my gun
Up to my shoulder
I look through my scope
Right on the dot
Take a deep breath
And pull back the trigger
The deer drops
Perfect shot!

© 2008 Kayla
8th Grade
North Middle School - Henderson, KY


What is Blue?

Blue is a tasty raspberry jolly rancher
Swishing in my mouth, blueberries with
That great sour taste nestled in a bowl
On the kitchen table, blueberry waffles
Crunching in my mouth, and the refreshing
Blue raspberry kool-aid I drink on hot, scorching
Summer days, blue is the corner of the U.S. flag
Dotted with stars for each state and the color of
The skillful, talented Kentucky Wildcats scoring
The winning basketball goal, the fans sporting their
Blue wildcat shirts in the stands jumping up and down
Cheering and the wonderful bluegrass state
That we live in, blue is the color of the massive
Beautiful ocean that I gazed at as I stood on a beach
In Florida and the color of the huge open sky

© 2008 Sarah
8th Grade
North Middle School - Henderson, KY

No poems were selected for the 9-12 category.

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December 2008

I Am Puppet

The floodlight blinding me comes from The artificial sun above as I sweep

To the floor that glitters like media potshots

And curve, bowlegged, into an effortless

Bend, and then into a split.

At once I jerk upwards to my feet

And tiptoe bawdily to the other side

I bob my head as I hear chuckles

And when I lift my head She looks at me so I fling my arm in greeting

He's watching me so my eyelashes

Flutter rebelliously to be noticed.

My arms embrace themselves

As I cast one leg and then another

Upward in homage to the cancan

And starkly naked legs.

I play with my frilly skirt as I prance

To the other side

And hear cheers.

Clackety clackety clack

Comes from my right side

And I know, if I turn my head,

I'll see another Me.

I can't: I try to anyway

But ribbons of dread or apprehension

Always hold me back.

I finish my routine and twitch a bow,

Eying the ground before raising my head

To smile at my admirers with red, painted lips

That have been smiling for fifty years now

And are just

A little faded.

©2008 Joey

Grade Level: 10th

American International School of Guangzhou, China



I sat on the couch.

I sat on the couch to watch TV.

I sat on the couch.

I sat on the couch and fell asleep.

I sat on the couch.

I sat on the couch and mom SCREAMED!

©2008 Payton

Grade 2

Oak Hill Elementary School Morganton, NC


I leave darkness to see light,
but the light is only as bright as the person who sees it,
for the light is no more than your own beating soul,
your courage, your pride,
but with a shimmer of light also comes shadow
creeping, stalking, waiting,
it wants you to slip and fall to add insult to injury and teach you the sins of Lucifer.
But i shall not be consumed by such fate,no,
I will rise to the occasion of purity of myself and my life,
though bricks fall from skies my umbrella will block and protect for it is my soul and I shall remain strong and protectant though lies come from either side the truth shall split a line and guide me to my own inner power
a place in my heart known to me as only one could think, a Higher Intiative to a self-acclaiming promise of hope and strength,
I beleive everybody has this Higher Intiative within them and so a single syllable explains myself to those I meet and greet
to those whom I beleive have an inner power within them to rise to what shall want them to fall and prove wrong the erred fools who taunt and cower behind hurtful words,
To those with a Higher Intiative,
I say...H.I.

©2008 Thomas
Grade Level: 11th
DuBois Area High School
:DuBois, PA




Friends are important.

Friends will always care.

Friends are a shoulder to cry on.

Friends are always there.

Everyone deserves a friend.

So be friends with the friendless.

Keep your friends forever.

For when they drift away

Life is a pit of loneliness,

It all slowly fades away.

©2008 Anne

7th Grade

Clark Moores Middle

Richmond, KY

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January 2009


My hands are red and rosy.

My cheeks are as bright as snow.

I know I have big snow.

It lays soft and low.

©2009 Abigail

1st grade

Comprehensive Grammar School

Methuen, MA



A Trickle of Sweat

A trickle of sweat on dad's face, how the drop got me this far.

Far from home, I still scent his trickle of sweat, rushing inside me. Anywhere I go, that droplet has guided me and supported me from despair.

Soon, the trickle will be nothing but memories, and left behind. But, to me, it's still preserved inside me, never stopping to rest.

After my years had passed, the trickle left me alone, forever. All I could have done for it was to stay strong and walk the path it lighted for me. And it still remains in my bloodline, panting hard.

Jin Ho

©2009 6th grade

Commack Middle School

Commack, NY



Magic can be anywhere.

It can be here or it can be there.

It can be under your feet,

or be in a seat.

It can be on a house or behind a mouse.

It can be on a flower,

or in your shower.

So now you see, it can be on a bee.

Magic can be anywhere.

©2009 Rayce

3rd grade

Grantham Elementary school

Goldsboro, NC


Forget Yesterday

Forget Yesterday,

For today is a new day,

All that has happened,

Is only a memory,

And the things you dread

May be forgotten

Today is a new day,

A new start,

A new light,

A new prospective.

Forget yesterday,

The past can be unknown,

For today is like being reborn,

Only with greater knowledge.

©2009 Kathleen

6th grade

Wayland Middle School

Wayland, MA



A girl of youth

Had to choose

Either the path of grays,

Or the path of blues.

The path of blues,

On one hand,

Was chosen most

By girls on that land.

With its sky of color

And grasses so long,

It appeared nothing

Could ever be wrong.

But she would never know

What was hiding there,

Under its luscious grass

So long like hair.

The young girl thought that

Was something to ponder.

Then shifted to gaze

At the path down yonder.

She saw, down yonder,

The path of gray

That looked nothing like

A place to stay.

It really seemed very strange,

An unpleasant place to be,

But vaguely in the distance,

Light, meadows she could see.

This way could be dangerous,

But great when one reached the end.

Would this be the path for her?

She thought that it would depend.

Not able to decide

What she was to do,

She simply sat right down

To think it all through.

To take the path of mystery,

Which might pleasantly surprise?

Or the clear way laying ahead,

Where some problems could arise?

And right there she sat,

Forever and ever on.

Evening to evening,

From dawn to dawn.

By being indecisive and

Not choosing what to do¦

She sat there forever and

Traveled neithe gray nor blue.

©2009 Amanda

7th grade

Burlington, NC

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February 2009


A spelling without words

Trampolines without springs

Schools without teachers

TVs without plugs

States without cities

Fields without grass

Cafeterias without food

The world without continents

Nature without living things

Outside without air

Music without sound

Can you imagine?

©2009 Jordan

San Antonio, TX

5th grade



a galloping across

a part of the sea

a number of horses

amidst them, me.

a gambling the foam

a rambling home

a galloping across

a part of the sea.

a wandering

a waving

a good time for sailing

a galloping across

a part of the sea.

a fin to the left

a feign to the right

a distant shallows

a day or a night.

a galloping across

a part of the sea

a number of horses

amidst them, me.

©2009 Karena

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Weatherford, OK




We played on the playground once

Chasing each other around and around

Riding tricycles and scooters with out a care

Happy to be the little kids

While the others were the big kids

We watched them like they were aliens

Walking through school without lines

Or teachers watching over them

Hearing their screams and giggles

As they laughed about things we couldn’t understand

As they walked down the sidewalk

They stopped and waved

Saying, “Aw, how cute!”.

Some of us were afraid, some just curious

Now we walk by the playground every day

Sometimes thinking about when we were that age

Always running and shouting without a care

Happy to be the little kids

While the others were the big kids

We watch them like they are aliens

Kicking dodge balls, throwing sand

Playing pirates or princesses

Laughing at things we can’t understand

We stop and wave

Saying, “Aw, how cute!”.

Remembering how we were sometimes afraid

But mostly just curious

©2009 Felicia

Saint Paul's School

Clearwater, FL

8th Grade



Loved flowers

Pretty, sweet

Nice woman

Loved cherry

Liked puddinstone

Played piano

©2009 Shaelyn

Northwest Elementary

Huntington, IN

2nd grade



death takes family and friends

divorce takes them too

only if you knew

what a child goes throw

©2009 Brittany

Galvez Middle School

Praireville, LA

6th grade



‘Tis the bluebirds cry

The bright yellow sun lifts up high

And everything wakes

©2009 Gabrielle

Linntown Elementary

Lewisburg, PA

4th grade

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March 2009



There was a snowman.

He was a happy snowman

Because he could do everything.


There WAS one thing he couldn't do:

Ride a bicycle.

©2009 Vincent

Lincoln Ave Elementary

Sayville, NY

Grade Level: K



I practice and I practice,

But can't get it right,

even when I use all my might.

I practice and I practice.

I always feel some stress, and

sometimes it feels like a big, big mess.

People always expect that practice

makes perfect.

©2009 Jerome

Sullivans Elementary School


Grade Level: 5th


life is life

life is life no matter where you are

it doesn’t care whether you are short or tall

life is life no matter who you are

it won’t care if you are popular or a nobody

life is life no matter what you do

you could do anything and life could still find you

life is life if you are old or young

you could be 18 or 118 and still be running from life

but no matter how far you run

or how well you hide life will find you

the only way to beat life

is to accept it

it doesn’t matter

if you embrace life

life will embrace you

©2009 Brian

Robious Middle School

City: Midlothian

Grade Level: 7th



A wilting flower hath never been loved

Less someone admired her beauty.

Yet a hundred glances upon her form

Could never fulfill her feral duty.

No flower hath lived never to be loved

Nor doth she grow her roots to be picked.

Though a thousand petals have cured no heart

Her beauty has proven not to afflict.

The wilting flower hath never been loved.

Her figure melts like the drops of the sun.

A million flowers have gone and passed

But none as lonely as this lovely one.

©2009 Nicholas

Carlsbad High School

Carlsbad, Ca

Age: 18

Grade Level: 12th


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April 2009





Just standing.

It's a freedom.

You don't know how everyone takes that freedom for granted.

I remember running.


The soft pat of my feet on the bright green grass,

The air moving around me in waves,

How exhilarating it was.

I remember the joy it brought to me.

But now...

I can only sit and watch.

Sit and watch what was me.

What I loved.

If it weren't for that one night...

That one night where I could literally see my life flash in front of my eyes.

Cliche or not...

It happened.

And that happening took my legs away.

No more running.

No more walking.

No more freedom.

To know what it's like to live in a chair all your life.

To be dependent on everyone you know.

It makes you see what you had.

See what you lost grasp of.

See what you hunger for after it's lost.

So be thankful for those simple motions.

You never know.

You may end up like me one day and wish you could have appreciated it with your heart.

Appreciate the beauty around you.

Don't wait for the last moment.

It could be too late.

©2009 Caitlin

Knoxville Middle School

City: Knoxville, IA

Age: 14

Grade Level: 8th



It sits there.

Waiting for me.

Like I hold the key to its luscious future.

She wants me to know the truth.

She wants me to find the key,

like I can unlock a door and let her roam free into the unknown.

‘Tis a sorrow she cant meet the horizon line.

She wants me to set her free.

To let her be.

©2009 Nia

Benton Elemantary

City: Fairfield, ME

Age: 10

Grade Level: 5th



Brothers are pests, some of the time.

Like when they take your dime

and spend it on a rhyme.


The rhyme makes me happy

all the time.

©2009 Molly

Adams Central School

Monroe, IN

Age: 8

Grade Level: 2nd



Trembling my body shakes

Tingling my nerves cause

Quaking of my heart

Standing still in front of you

Shivering I cannot move

Breathing your breath

Comparing to you

Inhaling mine

Closing on my cheek that non-

Shaking hand on yours

Approaching just a moment of

Feeling like forever

Rambling went my mind until

Realizing made it stop

Happening was not a kiss but

Thanking for a past event

Sighing goes my lung

Breaking goes my heart

Rotting goes my spirit

Smiling falsely goes my lips

Friendly I wish I were not

©2009 Miller

Chaney High School

Youngstown, OH

Age: 17

Grade Level: 12th



One day I saw a bunny,

He looked really funny.

He told me to HOP, HOP,

All the way to the pet shop.

I did as I was told,

But when I got there all the bunnies were sold.

I asked the manager, “What is up with that??”

He said the only thing left was the hat.

I said, ?”Fine”,

And gave him a dime.

I hopped back home,

Feeling all alone.

Then I had a great idea,

I took out the magic kit that I got from Mia.

I said the magic word,

Which I know sounds absurd.

And you won’t believe what happened next.

A bunny came out and tied to his ear was the text:

“Hooray!! You got the lucky hat.

But don’t bother telling anyone that.

Because they won’t believe you,

They’ll think you got me from the zoo.”

©2009 Carson

Palmetto Bays Elementary

Myrtle Beach, SC

Age: 10

Grade Level: 4th



Frog, frog in the bog jumping a googleplex times.

And one time he fell in the water.

©2009 (no name attached)

Hayhurst School

Portland, OR

Age: six

Grade Level: K


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May 2009


We question its abilities everyday,

but no matter what its always here.

Why question something we can't change.

Why question at all?

© 2009 Morgan

Grade 7

Carwise Middle School Palm Harbor, FL



There is a silent classroom down hall number two

All you can hear are the whispers of the teachers’ voices and the chairs pulling away from the desks

But the one thing I keep noticing is that kid in the corner

He just sits there pretending to read

I wonder if he's thinking

I wonder what he would be thinking

That kid in the corner,

He makes me wonder

© 2009 Peck

Grade 5

Charlotte Avenue Elementary Buffalo, NY


Walking through the wood

Hooves crunching on leaves

Brittle branches snapping below

Nose sticks up in the air


The smell in the air

The stag noticed it

Above all other scent

He looked, longingly, and wandered

The doe, the doe, the doe everywhere

The doe wandering, longing for the stag

The snow fall drops onto the deer

Like the tears that they cry

The tears cried when the longing is for the lost

The snow drops onto the stag

The stag goes on, goes on

He watches; pays attention

Every detail it watches

From the feather off to the right

That falls from the brown owl flying above

The brown owl leads his gaze

Towards the tree

The tree

The tree that sticks out most

Because that is the tree

The sycamore tree, living in the belly of pine

The forest of pine trees surrounds it

The sycamore being the meeting place

Of the doe that he longs for

The stag steps forward towards the tree

As he realizes

The beauty of the doe

Resides within him, for she is always there

As he realizes this, he knows to long no more

As the doe he desires puts down her head

Right next to his; brushes against him

The stag and the doe

The sycamore

© 2009 Lucas

Grade 12

Shorewood High School

Shoreline, WA

LastName: Ricker

school/org: Saint Joseph's School

City: Columbia

State/Prov: SC

Age: 9

Grade Level: 3rd



The Night is a big black cat, the moon in her topaz eye.The stars are the mice she hunts at night, in the field of the sultry sky.

© 2009 Charlotte

Grade 3

St. Joseph’s School Columbia, SC




Everything is alive. Listen birds are calling. Something is twittering I can't wait to go outside.

© 2009 Ava

Grade 1

South End School Cedar Grove, NJ

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