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August 2009


I walk along the edge of the beach

Waiting for the sun to rise

For the sun to set

But I'm not leaving

Not just yet.

The waves lick my feet

The water is cold

But I don't care

There was something I was told;

“If you wait here

Wait for me

Then both of us can go

We can finally be free.”

So I will keep that promise

I'll keep it within me

As I walk along the beach

Waiting to be free.

Some people don't understand.

Who would keep a promise that was made long ago?

But here I'll stay

As the sand is buried in the snow.

They say it's foolish.

They say he forgot

But I don't listen

I'll stay here in this spot.

So I walk along the edge of the beach

Watching the sun rise

Waiting for it to set

I won't give up hope

Not just yet.

Because upon that sunrise

I turn around

To see the one I've been waiting for

Has just been found

Despite what everyone made my action of

They realize now

It was made out of love.

© 2009 Cassy

8th Grade

Wellington Landings M.S. Florida



I am a Tree.

You know me for giving splinters.

My Mother is soil.

My Father is Water.

I was born in a forest.

I live in a hot, moist climate.

My best friend is a big, gray, heavy rain cloud.

We like to talk to each other about the weather.

My enemy is the big ball of fire in the big blue sea

above us.

Because he would dry us up.

© 2009 Casey

4th Grade

Charles C. Bell E.S. Asheville, NC



Of what of that

The searching glass of thy mind’s own eye

It's so precious

So fragile

They say the eyes are the window to our soul

A soul of mystery and discovery

A window so clear, so transparent

We see each other for who we truly are

© 2009 Justin

10th Grade

Danvers High School Danvers, MA



3 things to describe My Father!

1. Loving

2. Hilarious

3. Embarrassing


© 2009 Noah

6th Grade

Norwayne Middle School Pikeville, NC




movie screen
became just
another star
that everyone
was looking for
in that smoggy sky

but barely saw
over the hundreds
of heads; lily pads
floating in a sea
of camp chairs
and beach blankets

and the wall of buildings
at our side
spoke inaudibly
when the wind
propelled through
the cracks,

and i wondered if
maybe there are
two reasons
why its called the
windy city.

and i couldn't help but
wonder if i would
find it impossible
to move away
from here; i've
always said i wanted
to get away from
the cold, but
i don't know

if i'd be able to leave
this city behind.

because i could
almost see myself
in every window
that hung,

suspended in
the sky,

the only real stars
these people see.

and when i dug
my toes into the frazzled grass
and pulled the blanket
closer around me,

and i smiled for
the buildings
and they almost
smiled back,

i thought maybe i
belong here;

maybe after
fourteen years
of wishing for
i could get used
to the cold.


© 2009 Emma

8th Grade

:Washington Jr. High School Naperville, IL

State/Prov: IL

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September 2009


Pulsing wings guide your flight

Tongues of fire seek the fight

Winds of stone brush your hair

Burning smoke fills the air

Grounds unsolid swallow your feet

As at the air all wings beat

Talons claw bone and maw

Wise and caring great eyes saw

Methia lay so limp

A deathly smell fills the air

As maidens fair weep so

Mourn Methia’s untimely death

Inhale the great beasts rancid breath

Pulsing wings beat the air

Soaring towards the dragons lair

©2009 Samantha

7th Grade

Burns Middle School Owensboro, KY



Flickering candle before me

you are my only light.

The warmth I seek.

You lean to my right.

I come closer for I am cold.

You move away

Wax trickles down.

You stay the same.

I want a friend.

I am lonely.

It's the middle of the night

The fire becomes smaller as I tremble with fright

I get a match ready for the morning.

I set it down beside me.

The morning has yet to come.

©2009 Christy

5th Grade

Sullivans Elementary Yokosuka, Japan



I am from washing, babysitting, and cleaning

From portraits of the family and pictures of people dreaming.

I am from the old home that we had for 38 years

That brings back a lot of memories and a lot of tears.

I am from the wildflowers;

The roses whose long gone stem I remember as if they were my own.

I’m from backstabbers and educators.

From brilliant minds and player haters.

I’m from sexually abusers, losers and substance users

I’m from you reap what you sow and what goes around comes around and sometimes love knocks you down.

I’m from burning pots and scrambling pans.

I’m from Chicago and Mississippi and from the projects if you didn’t know;

Fried chicken and baked Mac & Cheese;

From shooting, death, and pain

Where respect is so hard to gain.

Under my bed is a picture book

Which contains pictures of my ancestors in a different look.

I am from so many people who have lived a long life

That took so many risks and sacrifice.

I am from people that really love me.

I am from the people in my family tree.


11th Grade

DuSable Leadership Academy Chicago, IL



Dawn to Dusk,

Dusk to Silence,

Silence to Dawn,

Dawn to Dusk,

The people rise in sync with the sun,

As the people chatter on the morning routines,

Cars start up to bring the people from one voice to another,

As the Buses do the same for the children, teens, and young adults,

At the peak of the day the people come to gather around their voices uniting each other,

But now the dusk come upon them

The separated families unite again for their time.

Dusk to Silence,

The people now go down to sit and talk,

As the night comes out and the hidden Phantasms comes to view,

Their name is Silence and has come to kill the noise

As the people head down to rest,

In preparation, of the coming day,

Silence to Dawn,

Silence stalks the people as the continue their slumber,

But as they start to see the rising sun,

They start to run towards the night,

To keep their watch over the people,

Dawn to Dusk to Silence,

This cycle continues ever on.

©2009 Cody

12th Grade

Lee County High Beattyville, KY

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October 2009


Can I just say,

I do not like poetry.

It's just so boring to me.

I'm not into the rhythms and rhymes

Except if they're on a staff with notes.

It's definitely not my first pick

To express my emotions.

Because music does it for me.

©2009 Caitlyn

Hoke County High School Raeford, NC

Grade Level: 10th



There was a sidewalk around the corner which I didn't walk on. I finally found

It wasn't a sidewalk at all.

It was really my foot.

My foot was as long as a sidewalk.

©2009 Thuy

Lee School Port Arthur, TX

Grade Level: 3rd


No one knows who he is

They are mindlessly blinded

By his figure

And the darkness of his outside shell.

He is too scared to reveal himself,

For he is like a turtle staying hidden in its shell Forever,


In his heart he's a different person,

People have different perspectives of him.

For he is a treasure chest,

With a hidden treasure,

And he's trying, trying,

To grab the treasure in a hidden door,

A door beyond his reach.

He is trying, trying, very hard.

The world is convinced he is a different person,

Only he knows who he really is.

His expressions, feelings, and emotions

Are supposed to determine who he is,

But he's not who he seems to be.

For he is a stranger that no one knows,

Stranded forever,

In a deserted hole,

A hole full of darkness and mysteries,

He is stressed,

And is struggling, struggling,

To climb out.



He sees a spark of light.

Very little light.

But it is hope,

Hope of showing

Who he is.

©2009 Talia

International School of Beijing Beijing, CHINA

Grade Level: 7th



There was a house

Down by the sea,

That was so spooky,

It even scared me.

All of the kids

scurried past the house.

They didn't want to be chased

by the very plump mouse!

The lights were on

in one of the rooms.

There might be a witch

flying around on her brooms.

The house was as old

as dinosaur bones.

Surrounding the house

were 40 tombstones.

The house was scary

it made me quiver.

When I think of the house

it makes me shiver.

When it's Halloween night

the house gives me a fright,

but it makes me feel braver

when I see it in the light!

©2009 Coleman

Saint Edwards School Vero Beach, FL

Grade Level: 4th



Nothing is ever as it seems

Or is made of that of dreams

Illusions fool all to be shattered

What’s at the heart is what really matters

Many faces we put on

All to hide insecure flaws

If you dig deeper than the surface

What you see isn’t always the case

You could find the purest gold

Or a pretty heart that’s terribly cold

You will never know until you try

Or you can believe false fronts until you die

©2009 Anna

Pauls Valley Junior High School Pauls Valley, OK

Grade Level: 9th



Death is the black flame that always scares us

but never hurts us

©2009 Jesse

Abigail Adams Middle School Weymouth, MA

Grade Level: 7th



have you ever watched kids on a merry go round or listened to the rain slapping on the ground?

ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight or watched the sun into the fading night?

you better slow down. don't dance so fast.

time is short.

the music wont last!

©2009 tori

Bellmont Middle School Decatur, IN

Grade Level: 6th

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November 2009

Fishing With You

If I just had one wish

it would be to fish

with you by my side

just watching the ocean's tide

With our lines in

I know someone will win

both in fishing and our little fight

that happens every night

Just for fun

but I already know who won

The winner is you.

I wonder

when the lines is going to go under

Then the lines gets tight

but the fish got out of sight

We laugh as we pull in the line

looking over it saying ?¯it’s just fine?¯

Several hours later, the sun begins to set

but I am not ready to leave just yet

The cooler full of fish just sat there on the dock

while I looked at my clock

I reeled my line into shore

even though I wanted to fish some more

You just looked at me and smiled

while you wondered how many miles

we went today

even if we didn't know our way

The moon rises as the sun sets

we pick up our poles and nets

place them in our cars

but then just lay on the dock watching the stars

with your arm around me

I wish this is how it could always be

just us two fishing during the day

and soon after just lay

under the stars

That is what I would wish for

and nothing more

I love you always

watching the days

go by

I promise you I would never lie

to you

because, it would make you blue

©Lizzy 2009

Leesburg High School Leesburg, FL

Grade Level: 9th


The Beat of My Heart

The beat of my heart,

is like the beat in a song.

It constantly repeats itself,

all day long.

The beat of my heart,

is a steady beat.

But when it starts working,

it turns up the heat.

The beat of my heart,

is the sound of snow.

Nice and gentle,

where ever it could go.

The beat of my heart,

is someone knocking on my door.

My heart is my ceiling,

my heart is my floor.

The beat of my heart,

oh, the beat of my heart,

The beat of my heart can't stop,

because it's the door to the start.

©Qandeel 2009

Commack Middle School Dix Hills, NY

Grade Level: 6th



Quiet, Hush-hush,

Not a peep Not

a sound Nothing

said Nothing heard

Never say a


In these words

you find the


The truth is

we all keep


even from ourselves

Someone once asked

what the quiet had

to hide

The quiet hides the


©Cassie 2009

Corbin Middle School Corbin, KY

Grade Level: 7th



I felt like I knew you from somewhere,

Somewhere was so close to my heart.

Then I met you when I was new here,

I felt like I knew you from somewhere.

I felt like I knew you from somewhere,

Somewhere was so close to my heart

I felt like I knew you from


We found out that this was a new start.

We knew the same people.

We saw the same things.

We had the same past.

That makes us think

We live the same life

Just in different ink.

We thought we saw each other,

Somewhere in the past

Maybe at the mall,

Or looked back real fast.

Now we’re here today.

Then we finally knew

That something comes between

The hate of me and you

And that was our clue

To be best friends at heart.

©Annie & Marissa 2009

Melican M.S. Northborough, MA

Grade Level: 6th



I'll share your toy.

I'll share your money.

I'll share your toast.

I'll share your honey.

I'll share your milk and your cookies too.

The hard part is sharing mine with you.

©jada 2009

Mountain View E.S. Mountain View, NC

Grade Level: 5th



As midnight creeps slowly in the sky

clouds seem to disappear.

The stars shine up like a Christmas tree.

Not a soul is out of a cozy bed.

Not a sound is to be heard.

Every bird

except for those who see through darkness

is asleep

©Vanshika 2009

Mill Pond School Westborough, MA

Grade Level: 4th



The deer runs across the trail

The squirrels climb up trees

The snakes slither through the grass

Birds soar through the air

Bears roar angrily

Enjoy the view

Take a picnic

Look at frogs hop

See the fish swim in the cold water

See the stream so clear not dirty

Feel the mud between your toes

Here the leaves crunch underneath your feet

Kick a rock along the path

As you enjoy the mountain

The mountain so still, so quiet

The trees reach the sky

The leaves fall all around me

One minute they're red then next yellow, orange

Drag your heels along the path

While you enjoy Mt Jefferson

©Isaac 2009

Westwood E. S. West Jefferson, NC

Grade Level: 4th


Giving a Big Salute to the man who

Fought for Me

I still remember the man in a big

green camo suit.

I was holding my daddy's hand

and wearing his Navy hat.

My daddy shook his hand and said,

“Be carfull in Iraq.”

Then the man gave us a Salute

So we gave him one back.

And from then until this day,

I never saw him again.

©Aleisha 2009

Sullivans E. S. Yokosuka, Japan

Grade Level: 5th

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December 2009


I sit by the fire

hoping to get warm

feeling the heat

rub against my form

it feels so hot

when its cold

i know not how

it can burn so bold

the fire burns brightly

as yellow as gold

bigger and bigger

its strength ten fold

surrounded by fire

encased in its flames

the cold has lost

to the fire and flames

©2009 Johnathon

Leesburg High School

Leesburg, FL

Grade Level: 10th



As I sit there without a sound

Wondering why no one I know is around

Who are the people behind the masks?

Such a stupid thing to ask

There's my best friend over there

Behind the mask of green

Of my possessions she wants everything

I see my boyfriend's ex

Behind the mask of red

She uses ways of lust to get inside his head

My ex is by the wall

Behind the mask of blue

He wonders why I left him

He always seems so gloom

And I...

I hide behind the mask of black

Because of secrets I'm holding back

No one knows just who you really are

When you hide behind the mask

©2009 Chelsea

Waynesville High School

Waynesville, MO

Grade Level: 9th



I sat there.

Singing my ABC's to block out the noise.

You say everything is going to be fine.

I believe you and look back at the screen.

I see a man being killed and it reminds me of my brother in the war and all the good times my brother and I have had. Then I realize there are many more to come.

I rest my head on your shoulder and take a deep breath.

I continue to sing under my breath not knowing what's going to happen next.

I look at you and realize your eyes are focused on the screen.

I poke you, and whisper, “Can we leave now?”

You nod and take my hand.

We leave and walk towards the car.

“Thanks mom. Thanks for not making me sit through the whole thing.”

“It's alright baby-girl. You don't have to watch anything that scary for awhile.”

“Maybe next year,” I replied, relieved.

©2009 Ally

Hillcrest Middle School

Simpsonville, SC

Grade Level: 6th



I feel the soft squish of mud

On my toes

As I walk along the riverbank.

I want to laugh, but all I can do now

Is cry.

The chirp of tiny frogs calms me

And my hiccupping sobs become silent.

She's gone, I tell myself

And I collapse on the grass:




The long blades tickle my bare knees

And I climb slowly into the water,

Feeling the cool wetness cover me.

My tears merge with the water as I cry

I shiver, but it feels like a tribute

To her--

To everything she did for me.

I remember the frizzy gray hair that I

Touched as a child,

The easy smile that

Was always made of red lipstick and

Whitened teeth.

“Be strong,’ she told me.

And I try,

But the traitorous tears slip

And splash into the creek.

Unable to continue,

I struggle onto the muddy bank

And curl into a ball,

Letting my memories put me to sleep

While I cry.


Goshen Community Schools


Grade Level: 7th



I will decide to wake up early, to see the ocean's waves, before all the kids and children start swimming and splashing in it. I wake up early to see the beach so empty, before everyone gets there, and ruins all the quiet. So I'll get up early so i can enjoy the peaceful beach alone!

The next day...

I'm on the beach. It is peaceful and quiet. And there is no one here. I lay my towel down on the sand of the emptiest beach I have ever seen. I lie down on the soft towel and enjoy the quiet. But something feels wrong. What are you suppose to do on a beach besides just lie there? There is no sun out! So why lie here trying to get a suntan when there is no sun? I decide to go to the ocean. Oh Man! I forgot my watch! I don't even remember what time I woke up this morning! Oh well! And without thinking, I run right into the ocean so fast my legs were about to fall off! WHOOOOO YEEEEEHHH!!!! I shouted! That water is cold! What time is it anyway?

I look at the big clock tower and...WHAT!!!! I set my alarm clock wrong! Its 4:30 in the morning!

No wonder its so dark outside, and it is so cold. Its 4:30 in the morning. Well, at least I enjoyed my beach!!

©2009 Brooke


Greensburg, IN

Grade Level: 4th

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January 2010


Imagine a man

with no eyes

with no arms

-who can still understand you

with his heart

and fight with his mind.

Imagine a house

without windows

which still lets the sunshine in

through the cracks and holes

on its walls.

Imagine a world

with no wars

-only with the fight of survival

with no countries

where we can still keep cultures alive.




Isn't it wonderful?


Nothing is impossible.

©2010 Melisa

VKV Koc School

Istanbul, Turkey

Grade Level: 9th


once I was out in my garden and the long summer breeze came and it twinkled my feet. My hair brushedagainst me thensomecorts bloomed. Then a wormpassed by it was wormythe worm. I said what did youeat he said a flower then he said tootle doo. I got back to plowing then I saw an old lady.

I said what did you eat she said I ate a cow then she said bye. Then I went back to plowing.

©2010 Hanna

Pinon Hills

Minden, NV

Grade Level: 2nd


In the park I like to play,

on the swings.

But everyone was riding on them!

They would not stop riding on them, until it was night.

So I told your moms and they said share,

and that was fare.

But they did not listen to their moms so I started to get mad.

©2010 Patrick

Carey School

San Mateo, CA

Grade Level: K


If I die some day

I would donate my hands

Because they have created great things,

I would donate my eyes

Because they have seen beautiful moments,

I would donate my mouth

Because it has tasted such delights,

I would donate my ears

Because they have heard sounds that can only be justified as magnificent,

I would donate my whole body,

Except my heart

Because it has felt such sorrow (may no one feel it) the day you left me.

© 2010 asli

koc school

Istanbul, Turkey

Grade Level: 12th


Laying on the bed,

Pale white face and messed up head

I checked on you every hour just to make sure you were still breathing

Just to make sure you weren’t deceiving me.

I’ve loved you from the moment we met.

I need you even still today.

Don’t run away.

Tell me these words I wish to say.

Every morning, everyday.

How can I believe

What’s trying to receive my thoughts

My questions.


You know all.

Wonders fill my mind

I get caught up in the gleaming of your eyes.

Just like a child, you want to be my friend.

You want to be the one whom I call over and over again.

I just want to

Just want to be here with you

Never mind the feelings that come through

Never mind the long silences we endure

How obscure of me

To believe all of what I am told.

When I’m with you all my troubles go away.

All of the world fades to gray.

Why can’t this happen everyday?

I don’t want to

I just can’t do


I can’t say goodbye

These tears I will cry.

I guess I’m just afraid

Of loving you

Of hate

I can’t let go

I refuse to leave!

I refuse to be

The one

Your one and only

Without you I’m so lonely

We talk about how much you want to hold me

About how much my kisses mean to you

But, the magic fades away

The gray turns to color

My world is back again

I can’t escape reality with you

You’re no longer my lifeline

You’re no longer the one I long for

The one I need

I can say goodbye




I’ll just watch your plane fly away

Wish I hadn’t said this

Wish I hadn’t wrote that note that’s in your hands this very moment.

Goodbye my friend,

I love you.

©2010 Ana

Andrew Jackson Middle School

Kershaw, SC

Grade Level: 8th

what if in life

what if there is something waiting for you at the other end of life what if you had a dirty little secret and you just couldn’t hide what if someone loved you and you just didn’t notice or what if your life is just empty and you don’t care so is that still life even though you don’t notice its nothing and what do people mean when they say life is unfair does that mean life is just something that you should just give up on. so tell me what is it in life??

©2010 Kayla

John Griffin Middle School

Fayetteville, NC

Grade Level: 6th

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February 2010


Passing through life without a sign

trying to reach a potential that flows through my mind

follow the untraveled road to find freedom

but there’s no end to my problem

because my problem ain’t mental. It’s physical.

Silence is my speech now. I’m done talking.

It seems as if I’m floating. I guess I’m done walking.

Like a phantom I’m gone, like a phantom I’m done,

like a phantom I wish I’m not dead to the world, dead to the sign

but all I wanna do is wish and believe I’m alive.

©2010 Hector

North High School Denver, CO

Grade Level: 10th


YOU and ME

You and me is not a victory.

You and me is not a love story.

You and me is trouble waiting to happen.

What can I say? It’s you and me waiting to fight and not put down,

put down the weapons of hatred.

But at the end I think what could it have been….. ..

©2010 Vivian

Lake Rim Elementry

Fayetteville, NC

Grade Level: 4th



I go to jail, you don’t.

Fight for you now this I won’t.

Try traveling on foot to find a safe place to go.

Hard way to live, now this I know.

No food, tough feet, muddy pits, no one to trust.

Pushing so hard you have to thrust.

Sleeping in the rusty shade.

This is when no promises are made.

These woods are deep, quiet and dark

but I have to keep my mark.

And have forever to go to reach that goal.

And forever to go to reach my goal.

©2010 Vivian

Mauldin Middle

Mauldin, SC

Grade level: 7th


I am the baby who grew up.

I am the boy from down the street.

I am the student who never speaks.

I am the teen who didn't understand love.

I am my parents’ migration from the East to the West.

I am my parents’ time and energy

I am my parents’ love.

I am my friends’ words, games, and friendship.

I am my friends’ Facebook, MSN, and email.

I am the USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, Russia.

I am the birds’ songs that hang in the air, the sound of rain plodding on the roof, crack of lightning and roar of thunder, the piano songs that drift out of the window, the hollow songs that come out of the Macbook.

I am the poor student who died in an earthquake, the rich man who does not know, the merchant who insists that his Gamegirl is genuine, the child who doesn’t care.

I am the night, the day, the silence, the noise, the light, the dark, the God, the Man, the sin, the perfection.

But most of all,

I am who I am.

©2010 Allen

Concordia International School

Shanghai, China

Grade Level: 10th

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March 2010

Television: A Love/Hate Relationship

Oh the television, the tube, the t.v, how I love you so,

Every day is a new adventure, mystery, drama on a different show.

You let me watch a movie or play my favorite game,

Playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 never turns lame.

You let me know the weather and news of all sorts,

But best of all you let me watch my favorite sports.

When I’m watching baseball, it’s SNY for the Mets,

And when I’m watching football, I tune in to the Jets.

Hundreds of channels, movies, and more,

Watching television is never a bore!

Oh the television, the tube, the t.v, how I hate you so,

So many channels, but never a good show.

You freeze when I watch a movie or play my favorite game,

Sitting on the remote and changing the channel gets really lame.

So many long commercials and bad reality shows of all sorts,

But worst of all you play commercials when I want to watch my sports.

I don’t care about karate lessons I want to watch the Mets,

And I’m under 21 so please, no more bud light ads when I tune in to the Jets.

Hundreds of channels, movies, and more,

But having nothing to watch can be a real bore!

©2010 Kevin

Commack High School

City: Commack,NY

Grade Level: 9th


NIGHTMARES are scary

Some people like them

Some people don't

I don't!

Girls with green faces haunt me at night

The zombies hang out in the grocery store

Always hunting for people to prey on

Sharp fangs biting into people's arms

Kids and adults turning into zombies

I hide...I hide behind crates

trying not to get caught by the green face girl

I run away from the zombies.

The rising sun burned the zombies

I wake up shaking.

NIGHTMARES are scary

some people like them

some people don't

I don't!!!

©2010 Zack

Iroquois Intermediate School

Elma, NY

Age: 10

Grade Level: 4th

Beauty is...

Beauty is flowers blowing in the breeze

Beauty is the gentle rustling of trees

Beauty is something you can't hold,

but something to be told

Beauty is the calmness of the night

Beauty is a place without fright

Beauty is something all should see

Beauty is what all can be

Beauty is the serenity of spring

where the picnic bells ring

Beauty can be anything

if you believe it can be


Harry B. Thompson Middle School

Woodbury, NY

Grade Level: 7th


Words, words, they are magical things.

You talk them out they turn into air.


Prairie Heights E.S.

Rome City, IN

Grade Level: 2nd


Oh do you smell it?

It’s coming from the oven...

It smells delicious

and it makes me suspicious...

I open the oven

And out jumps the muffin man!

©2010 Alice

International School of Beijing

Beijing, China

Grade Level: 4th


It's midday,

The wife of a soldier learns

He won't be coming home anymore.

All the memories

and love lost;

all because

Of a gun shot.

Her body starts to quiver.

It starts to shake.

She tries to remember

A better day.

Flowers and apologies

Sent to her home

Some from friends

Who already know.

She turns on the television;

tries to get away.

But all she can think of

is her husband dying that day.

All of the memories

her true love lost.

All because

of a gun shot.

Images fill her mind

of a better life

and soon enough she begins to find...

A true love

Locked in her heart

they'll never separate,

never part.

Her body can't quiver

and it can't shake

Because this day she remembered

what the gun shot can't take.

©2010 Alexis

Tri-County M.S.

Remington, IN

Grade Level: 7th

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