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Poetry Alive! In-Service Programs for Educators

Use our In-Service to Get Your Program In Motion!

Using the same energy and ingenuity we put into our performances, Poetry Alive!’s In-Service programs for language arts educators are designed to accomplish two main goals.

First of all, we provide hands-on, ready-to-use classroom activities--no special stage, lighting, costumes, or theatrical experience needed.

Secondly, we introduce teachers to a methodology which will energize your school’s entire language arts curriculum.

Poetry Alive! is more than a show or a collection of classroom exercises; Poetry Alive! is a fresh and educationally proven way to think about poetry.

Instead of asking what a poem means, Poetry Alive! asks "How would you stage a poem?" When students stage a poem, analysis and interpretation become concrete and tangible for students.

How In-Service Programs Work

Each In-Service day will vary according to grade level and other special needs. As a rule, the in-service will begin with a Poetry Alive! show. (Note: in order to fully understand the Poetry Alive! method teachers must experience a performance themselves.) This is a "hands-on" workshop.  Below is a list of topics covered during a typical In-Service Program.

  • Poetry Alive! Presentation
  • What is Poem Performance?
  • The Four Magical Performance Tips
  • Transforming a Poem into a Script
  • Staging Your Own Poem Performance Extravaganza
  • Memorization
  • Using Poetry Performance in the Classroom
  • Poetry As a Daily Experience
  • Using Poetry Across the Curriculum
  • Using Performance to Discover Meaning
  • Poetry Performance and Writing
  • From the Page to the Stage: Experience vs. Explication
  • The Poem Performance Approach: Educational Theory

In-Service Program Fees

  • $1,000.00 per day per presenter for full day in-service
       or $800.00 for half-day*
  • Travel from Asheville, NC
  • Lodging for either one or two nights, depending on schedule
  • An additional $300.00 plus travel and lodging may be added if a 2-person model/feature performance is desired. (Workshop portion will be conducted by the senior staff member.)
  • All In-Services are conducted by one of Poetry Alive!’s senior staff members.

* - Single workshop presenter situations only. If two senior presenters are desired, full day fee applies for EACH presenter.


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