Welcome to Poetry Alive.

The Poetry Alive!® Institute

accredited for 3 masters credits*. can also provide 30 Hours Continuing Education credit. Program Produced in the School District as In-Service Program.

The Poetry Alive!® Institute enlarges the performance poetry concept to embrace all aspects of literacy—reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and presenting.  It also addresses the multiple intelligences and learning styles. 

Even though the course is wrapped around poetry, the teaching strategies connect to all content areas.  The impetus of the institute demonstrates to educators how to engage all students in learning.  The institute teaches techniques that connect the dots between the class room and the standards. 

“Poetry Alive! is a place or time where poems breathe, come to life, sing in our hearts and never die!”

In 1991 we began an annual summer residency program.  The week-long Poetry Alive! Summer Residency allowed us to share all that we know about teaching poetry and performance in the classroom.  The residencies were approved for Masters level credits and CEUs.  In 2000 we began conducting three residencies every summer to meet increasing demand. 

We are expanding and enlarging the value of the residency program by making it available year round, and by moving it into school districts. 

The program has morphed into The Poetry Alive! Institute for Educators, and it is even more valuable and practical, and more importantly, it is far more accessible.  Now a district can bring the Poetry Alive! Institute to the educators.  This eliminates the problems that come with teachers traveling away from home for extended periods.

Practical, workable, and teacher friendly activities
Participants will receive hands-on experience with activities designed to help students to generate meaningful verbal and written discussion about the literature they read.  Participants take part in exercises which provide models for their own classrooms, thus allowing them to pass personal experience on to their students. 

Institute programs are brought to the educator, in the school district.  This avoids the issues that arise when educators have to travel away from home for extended periods.

Our goal is to present a hands-on methodology for teaching the reading-writing-performance connection.   Everything educators need to improve techniques are brought directly to them in a format that takes all the time necessary to fully explore the strategies of performance poetry.

*-Accredited by Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO. Course number EW593.

Institute Graduates Speak!

"Poetry Alive! truly is about giving life to well placed words.
Attending the Poetry Alive! Summer Residency several years ago was both
a professional and personal highlight. I couldn't wait to return to my classroom from summer vacation to share my experience with my new students. Honoring all learning styles, students understand and appreciate poetry in a positive and exciting manner.

When I heard that Poetry Alive! was taking the teacher institute "on the road," I wanted to share my experience with other teachers in my district. Many good things are happening since Poetry Alive! brought
their training institute for educators to Brevard County this last summer. Seventeen secondary language arts teachers are now sharing poetry from the inside out with their students!"
Lisa M. Rehm, NBCT
Language Arts
Secondary Programs
Brevard Public Schools
Viera, Florida


"Everything about this week can and will be used in my classroom. Poetry Alive! makes me excited that my students will no longer say, 'I don't understand that poem.' When a poem comes to life, and performance is the teacher, the words don't just go from the page to the stage, they dance and sing and weep and purrr! Thank you."
–Martha Momeldorph, Archbishop McCarthy Catholic High, Fort Lauderdale, Florida