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Poetry Alive!® Institute Alumni Testimonials

"Everything about this week can and will be used in my classroom...

... Poetry Alive! makes me excited that my students will no longer say, 'I don't understand that poem.' When a poem comes to life, and performance is the teacher, the words don't just go from the page to the stage, they dance and sing and weep and purrr!

Thank you."

--Martha Womeldorph
Archbishop McCarthy Catholic High
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"The Poetry Alive! Summer Residency is one of those rare, once in a lifetime experiences...

...that impacts on a person professionally and personally in a meaningful and lasting way!!

The information I learned and the skills I gained have become an important part of my teaching repertoire! The relationships I developed and the adventure I undertook added a new element of joy to my life! I look forward with a great deal of gratitude and excitement to sharing what I have learned with teachers throughout the country!

Thank you Allan, Cheryl, and everyone at Poetry Alive!"

--Andy Baumgartner
1999 United States Teacher of the Year

"Thanks for a great course. It was truly the best course I have taken in all my 24 years of teaching.

I am very excited about using what I have learned in my class next and sharing it with my school."

--Marcia Suojanen
North Broward Elementary
Pompano Beach, Florida


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