Welcome to Poetry Alive.

Chad Schuermeyer


Chad "Chadwick" Schuermeyer, from Newton, NC, is now in his 2nd season with Poetry Alive!

Chad has always performed bits of theatre and poetry. During High School he was involved with a touring class that performed Shel Silverstein poems for local elementary schools. Ever since then he has been hooked into theatre and poetry.

Chad loves to see the excitement in the eyes of the students and being paid in smiles and applause. He believes there is something magical that happens when students connect with poetry and they realize that education and fun can happen at the same time.

When not on stage Chad mostly finds himself reading or playing obscure games. His favorite poem is currently Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.

Chad’s personal motto comes from a fortune cookie: "The greatest thing in life is doing things that people say cannot be done."