Welcome to Poetry Alive.

Erica Graybill


My hometown is Richfield, PA. My love of the stage began with my first dance recital at age 4. Unfortunately, I am a terrible dancer but that didn't hurt my love of theatre.

Over the years, I have done many types of theatre and have worked in almost every aspect of the theatre. I have designed and run lights, worked props, build scenery, worked stage crew, co-wrote a children's show, directed, stage managed, and worked costumes. I am definitely a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.

I worked five summers with The Lost Colony in North Carolina doing various jobs and playing multiple roles. My favorite role was that of burning girl. It is exactly like it sounds. Every night, my costume was set on fire (safely) and I would then run screaming across the stage. Luckily, I never panic when set on fire.

I toured with The Hampstead Stage Company for 4 seasons where I played roles ranging from Hamlet to Alice (from Alice in Wonderland). At Hampstead I met my boyfriend who is also my current tour partner for Poetry Alive! I have also done improv with The Improv Thing of NC and recently was the Bride of Frankenstein at Six Flags Over Georgia.

There is nothing like touring to make me miss home cooking and a couch but seeing new parts of the country and getting the chance to entertain young people more than makes up for it.

While this will be my first tour with Poetry Alive! I am very excited to be joining the company. I have a bachelor's degree in English so it is obvious that I greatly appreciate poetry. I would like to thank David Chromiak for doing this tour with me. There is no one in the world I would rather spend nine months on tour with. Thank you and remember--

"The stars shine more brightly when the moon is not full."