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Assembly Shows That Make Poetry Come Alive!

There's more to our shows than the show!

A visit from Poetry Alive!® can contain any or all of the following:

Assembly Shows

Poetry Alive!®'s high-energy assembly shows are presented by a team of two professional performers. Student audiences range from kindergarten through the university level. A typical 35-50 minute show includes 20-25 poems tailored to fit the ages and interests of the audience. The poems, memorized and performed theatrically, are found in popular textbooks and anthologies. Our shows change each year and the current year show list is sent out in advance of the visit. Special requests are honored when possible. Adult performances are also available.

Download the Assembly Show Handout (pdf)

Our In-school Residency uses Poetry Alive!® techniques and actors to help your students put on their own Poetry Alive!® show.

See Our Current Show Information

See Our In-school Residency Information

Classroom Follow-ups


Poetry Alive!® performers are available to visit individual classrooms to work directly with smaller groups. Using the assembly show as a role-model, Poetry Alive!® will demonstrate how the students can use performance techniques to experience poetry more fully.

Poetry at a Whole New Level: Poetry Alive! Workshop

Teacher Workshops Fees and Requirements

Poetry Alive!® conducts workshops that introduce educators to the basics of using performance as a pathway to understanding, experiencing, and appreciating poetry.

Fees and Requirements

  • 1-day only:
    $810 plus lodging* or $990 with no lodging**
  • 2-day block:
    $1500 plus lodging* or $1860 w/no lodging**
    ($750* or $930 per day)
  • 3-day block:
    $2070 plus lodging* or $2610 w/no lodging
    ($690* or $870 per day)
  • 4-day block:
    $2640 plus lodging* or $3360 w/no lodging
    ($660* or $840 per day)
  • 5-day block:
    $3150 plus lodging* or $4050 w/no lodging
    ($630* or $810 per day)
  • Single Show: $500 plus lodging or $680 with no lodging**

* - Two single rooms for the night before each day booked
** - An additional travel fee may be charged if dates are booked outside of an established area block. The "No Lodging" add-on (currently $180 per day) may be greater in "high rent" areas.

Note: Additional fees required by local or state requirements in order to visit a campus may result in an additional cost add-on to the base fee. Please discuss with the Poetry Alive!® office.

Possible  Workshop formats:

  • 3 assembly shows per day (200-400 capacity per show)
  • 2 shows and 1 teacher workshop (no limit)
  • 2 shows and 2 classroom followups (limit 35)
  • 1 show and 4 classroom followups
  • other arrangements by specific agreement,
    e.g., 90-minute block periods.

Activities can be at different sites during the day as long as the travel time is reasonable and a lunch period is provided. We will also perform in the evenings for PTA groups, libraries, special events, etc. as a substitute for one of the daytime choices if the travel schedule permits. We can add one additional show on a day for $200 in the same building, $250 if in a different location. Weekend bookings are also possible. Contracts may be prorated for ease in billing.

Check our clickable map of the U.S. for shows near you!


What Do The Critics Say?

"They don't recite poetry, they act poetry. They deliver poetry and make believers of people and poetry. They turn it into theater and ít is marvelous."
- Paul Fleischman,
Newbery award winning author of Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices.

"Thank you for a wonderful presentation. My poetry section was emptied out after the shows. Boys were even interested in poetry!"
-Lisa McGee,
Librarian, Flour Bluff Intermediate School, Corpus Christi, TX.

"The impact of your presentation was tremendous. You will never know the influence it left on our students. They are still talking about it. You created a memory of success that will last a lifetime."
–Clarence Jackson, Jr., Principal, Demopolis Junior High School, Demopolis, AL.

"The presentation was inspiring. My students now see what words and actions can really mean!"
– C. Johnson,
E.W. Griffith School, Las Vegas, NV.